Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aches and Pains

So since last week one of the ribs on my right side all the way through my back has been hurting me seriously badly. I had a dr.'s appointment on Friday where I was going to ask him what was going on and if there was anything I could do about it, but I guess he was in a hurry that day because he didn't give me a chance to ask not one question. So I decided to wait it out through the weekend to see if it eased up at all. Well, no it didn't. By Sunday night, I was constantly in pain and all night long too, so I hardly could sleep or find a comfortable position. So I looked up some information online to see if anybody else had the same problem and what helped them, and started seeing that a lot of my symptoms sounded like gallstones. Then I was a little bit nervous/worried and so I called the doctor Monday morning and they had me come in. The doctor thought I might have a bladder infection, so he had me do a urine test to see. That came back negative. My mom was getting pretty concerned, so she made me call back and ask them about gallstones. So they made an appointment for an ultrasound today to see. Did that this afternoon. No gallstones.

I'm frustrated.

The ultrasound lady thought I had probably pulled a muscle really bad, or something had detached or something like that. I'm not allowed to pick up anything over 20 pounds (i.e. SAM). And I'm kind of back at square one, still in a lot of pain, but not knowing why. (At least I don't have gallstones--what a relief!) (Although now I feel like I just sound like a baby, the pain sounded a lot more legitimate when it could be gallstones! haha)

I've been trying really hard to take it easy and not "over strain" myself. But hello?! I'm a single parent right now, how the heck do I take it easy?! Its not like my husband can come home at night and I can rest for awhile, sheesh! (Besides the fact that I REALLY REALLY want to get stuff done, and be busy to pass the time. Its not really that great just sitting around huge and pregnant waiting for a baby to come, when you have a crib that needs painting, and shelves that need hanging, and decorating that needs doing...)

Well, sorry for the whining; hopefully soon I will feel better (yeah, in like two weeks when this baby's out right?!) and pray for me that this pain will go away fast! (Maybe I should just take the Vicadin the doctor prescribed huh?)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Updates and Goings Ons

I didn't take any pictures (which would've made this post a lot more fun) but it was my birthday this last week (on wednesday). I am officially 27 now! I honestly can't wait to turn 30, because I know a lot is going to change for us in three years, and I think (hope, pray) it will be good stuff! :) Anyway, I didn't do a whole lot for my birthday, Kristie came over and so did Brenda, so it was fun to hang out with my sisters. We did a little baby shopping too. I went to Mama Stortini's with my parents for dinner, just me and them and that was fun to just sit and talk and not worry about kids or anything.

And thats about it. :)

I didn't get myself anything...yet. I don't know if I will or not, I can't decide if there's really anything I want or need. Its hard when you're so pregnant to think of anything else besides just being done! :)

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday as well, nothing new. I'm measuring where I should be, I'm not dialated yet and I'll see him again next week. Whoo. (And apparently I look huge, because everyone seems to mention how uncomfortable I look! haha)

Dave's doing good, he has his last physical training test on Monday, if he passes that he graduates on time. (He should pass no problem.) And then he does "Victory Forge" a four day out in the field course, its their last big thing before graduation. When they get back from that, they'll just be doing a lot of cleaning and stuff. He graduates basic training on April 16th, and the next Monday he starts his individual training, I'm excited for that because then we'll get to talk a LOT more! Yay! He said in a letter the other day that they got their beret's and they probably all look dumb but they all felt really cool in them and they get to throw grenades soon and he's excited about that! haha His attitude continues to surprise me, he's been so positive! A lot of the training they do he says is fun and he hasn't complained at all, even when he's been sick or whatever.

The kids are doing good, one of Bethany's front teeth needs to come out its so loose! She looks like Nanny McPhee, and I can barely talk to her without laughing; its hard to take her seriously with her tooth hanging out of her mouth! Hopefully we can get it out soon!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Leila and Ben Patterns GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

So I've been on a big craft kick lately, wanting to do lots of stuff to keep me busy and I love it. Of course, I've been having to slow down since I'm getting a little too big and my back has been killing me. But I wish I wasn't.

Anyway, I love this website to death! Its so creative and fun and I get lots of ideas from there, I hardly ever enter giveaway's but I would love to learn to sew more, and me and Kristie could share the patterns! :D Anyway, she's having a giveaway and I would love to win this! Check out the link to see her site, she's great!

Leila and Ben Patterns GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lots of Pictures

So I had a little extra bread that had gotten stale and the kids kept begging to go feed the ducks, so finally we went to Wapato Park last night and played in the park and fed the ducks. The ducks there must get a lot of food or something because they weren't that into it. Or maybe the big geese are bullies and scared the ducks away, who knows?

It got so pretty when the sun started setting (I don't know about you, but I love that its lighter out later now, so nice!)

Here's Isabel and Maddie, I love Maddie's face I could just eat her up (except for today when she's acting like a complete whiney brat. Grrr!).

Bethany doing the monkey bars, she's a pro you know.

Taking Sam down the slide, he loved it of course!

Maddie doing something her tiny muscles probably can't handle. :)

Sam loved the swing, he just kept going and going and going, he did NOT want to get off!

Feeding the ducks...sort of.

Could also be called "throwing lots of bread into dirty water."

But they were happy doing it!

See, ecstatic! :)

These geese came up and were squawking at us, scared Bethany enough to make her drop her bread and scream in terror. (eye rolling here)

See, even dirty polluted lakes can be pretty! :)

There's a Facebook page Dave told me about in one of his letters that puts up pictures and videos and updates of his Company, so I found a couple pictures on there of him. His Company got the best scores for their shooting test, so they gave them a pizza party. They each got a medium pizza, a soda and a candy bar. Dave said they were so stoked, and then stuffed themselves and then proceeded to head to the bathroom. He's had a cold and then pulled a muscle in his chest, so he hasn't been able to do as much of the physical stuff as he wants, but hopefully he'll feel better really soon. I think he's lost about 15 lbs so far. He's really doing a great job, I'm so proud of him! He was just assigned as assistant platoon sergeant, although he said he wasn't very excited about it, its mostly just telling people to be quiet! haha He graduates basic training April 16th and then will start his individual training the next Monday until sometime in June. (I'm due April 14th, so darn, no going to graduation for me! :( But his parents get to go, so fun for him to have someone there, I'm excited for him.)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Showers of Gifts!

Alright, alright, I'm finally getting around to posting again!

This last weekend my sister threw me a baby shower, she's so fun and did a great job on it! She did a "Milk & Cookies" theme, and the decorations were so cute! She made a ton of different kinds of cookies and had different kinds of milk, plus we had lots of other stuff to eat, so gotta love that! Everyone was so generous and I'm so grateful for the gifts we got, now I just need my dryer fixed and Sam to get better (stomach flu, blech!) and I can really get some good stuff done and finish getting ready for this baby's arrival!

Thank you, thank you Kristie!! (Isn't that Liam a sweet thing?!)

And yes, still no name. I'm really working on it, but it doesn't help I have to wait four days or so just to hear what Dave thinks. Ah well, we'll figure one out soon I'm sure!

And for all my Utah friends, I miss you I miss you I MISS YOU!! Wish we could've had a party together this weekend!