Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Best Summer Day Yet!

So on Monday, we saw that the weather was supposed to be really nice, as in high 80's! So we decided to take the kids down to Point Defiance and go to Owen Beach. Little did we know that everyone else and their dog (literally, their dogs) thought to do the same thing! I have never seen so many people there, but it was still fun! The kids splashed around and got wet. Like Sam face planted into the water, good thing it was hot enough that his shirt was dry by the time we were done. The girls tried to find seashells, Maddie told me "I think we found all the seashells on the whole beach!" and I said "ALL of them?!" and she said "well, maybe not all of them, I'm going to find them all though!" They found plenty believe me! It was a lot of fun, i surely love the ocean!

We saw this guy way down the beach and I pointed him out to Dave, "look at that BIG dog!" when we got up close we realized it was a freaking WOLF! Crazy huh?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Stuff

Nothing much going on, we're just in the swing of summer. I keep feeling panicked because the time goes by way too fast! Its like summer just started and now its almost over! Poo. Now that Dave's started his training everyday, we haven't gotten to do as many fun things as we had been. Mostly because he has the car all day, and then the sun decided to go away this week. I like the sun, come back sun!

I'm tired today and feeling a little blah. Sometime life weighs down too hard and I wonder where my faith goes and why I can't have a better attitude. Then I wonder why our life is the way it is, and I stop myself, because "why" is a very dangerous place to go, and I don't need to start in the "why me" attitude.

Kimball's growing so much, I need to have another little photo shoot with him because heaven knows children grow too fast! I look at my kids every day and am shocked at how big they've gotten--I think time speeds up the older you get!

I'm really looking forward to the next couple months; first up there's my Utah trip! I'm so excited to go and see friends and family I can hardly stand it! I'm also excited we're going on a family camping trip to Ocean Shores (with David's family)! I love camping, and I love the ocean, it will be great! Plus all the other fun things to do in the summer...when the sun comes back out anyway! :)

Well, thats all the energy I have to write this, I hope you guys are having an awesome, fun filled summer!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zoo Day!

Last Saturday, me and the kids went to the zoo with David's parents. It was a GORGEOUS day and we had a lot of fun! We were there for a couple hours and I loved seeing how active the animals were, usually they just lay around and its fine to look at them, but on Saturday they were really moving! We had a great time!

This monkey was such a show off and so much fun to watch! He was all over the place, swung from the very top, down to us, back and forth in front of the glass a few times and then snuggled up to the girl monkey!

Funny thing: When we first got there we sat down and had a little picnic, after we'd been eating for a little bit we started noticing all these crows gathering around us. We could tell they were getting anxious for us to leave so they could eat our scraps. Well, one got so anxious it pooped on Dave's dad's shoulder. It worked, we left. Within feet of us moving about five of them swooped in and started picking up crumbs. Those jerks.

My boys asleep:

Poor Sam was so worn out by the time we were done, he was trying so hard to sleep in the stroller, sitting up and moving. He got a little time in there, but really crashed on the car ride home. I thought it was so cute though!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Fun

A few new things to post about, first up and most important: DAVE GOT A JOB!

We're very happy he got the job he interviewed for last week, its a job with the Guard, full time with benefits. He'll be doing HR work, so thats good it will give him some experience. They train him and its a regular monday through friday job. He still has applied for some police jobs around here, so this will atleast be a good thing to have if he doesn't get one of those, or to have until he does! (If that makes sense. Probably not.) He has his annual yearly training starting this next tuesday, he'll do that for three weeks and then starts his job the week after he's done.

Which brings me to my next thing, I've finally earned enough money to go to Utah!! I'm so excited, and since Dave has a job now I feel a little less guilty about spending that money. :) I'm looking at coming during that time Dave has off before he starts his job, so he can take care of the other kids while me and Kimball go have fun! I really feel like I need this, just a break to go so friends that I miss so much and have a good time, I just need it. I feel guilty saying that, but thats how I feel. I hope everything works out and its fabulous!

Last up, the weather here has been HOT this last week. Which is great, but sometimes a little miserable since most people here don't have air conditioning. All the fans in the stores are completely sold out. You'd think they'd have learned from last year! And I'm completely cursing us for not bringing one of our air conditioners from Utah. Dumb. Anyway, whats the best way to cure the heat? This is how we do it:


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Updating Again!

I can't believe how long its been since I last posted! Shame on me!

Lots of things going on, besides all the outdoor fun we've been having (see pics from the last post). It was Dave's birthday, we went to Olive Garden--yummmm. Then it was our niece's birthday party and that was a lot of fun and good food! Then this last weekend we blessed Kimball and had a luncheon with family on the 4th of July. We were pretty lame and didn't do any fireworks at all, I'm hoping my kids are young enough and don't remember. :)

Kimball's getting so big, he's a sweet baby and is so calm and just likes to look around. I love it, and I love his big huge baby smiles and how's he's almost about to start laughing.

Sam's talking and talking and TALKING, he says new things it seems like every day. Today he told me he "never, ever wants to go downstairs!" NEVER EVER?! Where do they come up with this stuff?! I love it, he cracks me up!

Maddie's starting to really draw and learn things too. Bethany taught her how to spell her name so every once in awhile I catch her talking to herself saying "M-A-D-D-I-E", its cute. She can almost spell Bethany's name too.

We're trying real hard to work on reading with Bethany while she's out of school, she's not the best reader and we didn't want her to fall behind anymore so we joined the library's summer reading program. Mostly its just prizes for how many books you read, but it helps us keep on it and she's excited to win some stuff. She's doing pretty good so far, hopefully we can keep her going!

Dave's still looking for a job, he went in for an interview with the Guard yesterday, was hoping to hear back from them today but no such luck. Darn. But not too big a deal since he has his annual training starting this next tuesday for three weeks, hopefully he'll have a job before thats up. (He better!) Fingers crossed.

I had a rough day today, my allergies are really bothering me and I think I'm getting a sinus infection. So not feeling too hot anyway, but Dave had to get some training so I dropped him off, when he was done he called and said to come get him in 30 minutes. Well, by the time I got there they were having problems with the computer and I had to wait for TWO HOURS. I was so frustrated I finally went home; five minutes from home Dave texts and says he's done. I could've thrown the phone out the window I was so upset. I really wasted the whole day sitting in the car. Literally. Sitting. And I didn't even have a good book or anything. And it was HOT today, like 86, thats not fun sitting in your car all hot. :( Poo. I took a little nap when we got home, but between Sam bugging me and Kimball wanting to be fed, it wasn't too restful. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much nicer day!

I've been trying to work on a bunch of projects, hopefully I'll get myself in gear and actually take some pictures. I've been feeling so exhausted lately, I think I need to go to the doctor and be medicated. I really do. :)