Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yup, You Guessed it: MORE PACKING!

Hey, its me again. I don't know why I'm even posting, not like I can give you any new information; more like: Hey, still packing! And thats about it.

It's Saturday, so that means Dave's mom gets here on Tuesday and his dad on Wednesday! Just a few more days left to pack and clean and load up the u-haul and we're gone! Its so crazy to think about--I think my head's gonna explode!

I do have to say I'm so thankful for nice friends and family who are willing to help out, I hate asking for help, I really do, so I'm especially grateful for the people who've been there for us! I got my first taste of missing people yesterday too; my good friend left for a trip and wouldn't be back before we left, so I had to say goodbye. It was so hard! I was hoping I could skip all those sad feelings and just be excited to be home, but no, it still hurts!

Once we get up there it will be easier right?!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pack, pack, pack!

Just stopping in here real quick to tell you I'm still alive! Its been a week since I shared all my big news and I've been trying to get tons done. I don't think I've hit the "tons" mark, but I've gotten a good amount done, with a good amount left to do! The thing with packing is you can pack a whole bunch of stuff, think you've done a lot, look around and realize you've just barely scratched the surface! There's just so much stuff you don't realize you have! So its been really good to go through everything and get rid of stuff we don't need and get a little more organized! I'm excited to be up in Washington, although right now it all feels like a really fast paced dream and its hard to really picture it! The kids are really excited and ask every day if we're moving tomorrow, and Bethany is finally happy to move except she's nervous about starting a new school, and I can't blame her, I remember feeling the same way. I'm hoping and praying everything just works out well and this will be an amazing experience for us! Alright, need to get going and get some more packing done!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ya'll Ready for This?!

Today is the day! Today I am FINALLY going to tell you all my news and plans! Are you so exciting you just might wet your pants?! Probably not yet, but after you hear it, that just might happen! So be careful!

First up, if you've been thinking at all what "big news" we might have, you might have come up with us moving (since we've been talking about it for awhile now, and almost did awhile back). Well, if you came up with that, YOU'D BE RIGHT!! But I bet you didn't guess that we'd be moving in about TWO WEEKS! Yes thats right people, we are moving before Halloween, and I'm feeling a little crazed, so watch out! (Oh, by the way, we're moving up to Washington, if you hadn't guessed.)

Other news, David's joining the military. Did you see that one coming? Once we get up to Washington, he's going to join the army guard and we'll find out then when he'll be leaving for basic and whatnot. It will be very hard to be away from him, but I'm so glad we'll be home so I can have the support of my family during that time.

Now you also might have thought..."hmmm, 'big news', maybe Melinda's pregnant..." Well, you'd be RIGHT ON THAT ONE TOO!! Insane I know, first one of all our kids to be an "accident." And to think I used to roll my eyes when people said that, I so deserved that to happen didn't I?! We are due April 14th, and I'm something like 13 or so weeks along now. So stop looking at my stomach, yes I look fatter--thank you very much.

And what do these lovely people win for guessing?!

Your prize is my eternal gratitude for the amazing friends we've had, the awesome experiences and all the opportunities we've grown from. I am so grateful for the time we've gotten and even though I know its time for us to move on, I will never forget how much I've loved it here! We've had two of our three children, watched Bethany start school, had some amazing callings and really had to grow up. Thank you, thank you, thank you Utah!

Friday, October 09, 2009

News and Plans

Okay, so we're not going to do the chicken costume. Even though I love it and think its adorable! :( But I found another idea we really love and all the kids can do a theme together, which is perfect! I'm really excited about it! Are you ready for Halloween?

I'm also really excited because today was like my last official day of work! Shocker for me, it was very euphoric driving away today, I am so excited to be home with my kids, get some projects done and have some time to do what I want to. :) I'm still going to be painting some murals at the daycare, but I can do that on my time, and I'm excited about it. Don't worry I'll take lots of pictures!

My parents are in Las Vegas right now for a family reunion and to move my sister and her family back to Washington! I am so sad I can't be there with them!! I REALLY REALLY wish I was there! Darn it all!

Lots of big news coming up, but I'm mean and will make you wait until things become more official! Ha ha! Just going to keep hinting at stuff until you explode! Or its not exciting anymore?

Monday, October 05, 2009

Quitting, Sales and Kitty Cats!

I hadn't posted this week because I've been busy!! I wish I'd been more organized, but Shanna and I decided to have a yard sale this last Saturday. So I spent some time getting stuff out and ready for that, even though it was sort of a bust. With the weather being so cold, the road work along our street and Conference, I think it just was working against us! But whether we sold stuff or not, it was good to get rid of all this extra stuff cluttering our house! I'm still finding more stuff I could have gotten rid of, but it will happen! Also Saturday as we were getting stuff out of the shed, we heard a little "meow! meow!!" in there, and found a brand new little abandoned kitten! I didn't take pictures of it but it looked something like this:

Except little-er and fuzzier! Cute huh?

Well, I tried to feed it some milk and keep it warm, but eventually we had to call some people to come take care of it, I was really afraid it was going to starve to death. Plus we don't need a cat. :)

Other things going on? I gave my notice at work! There's a lot of stuff up in the air we're trying to plan, so when things become more concrete, I'll fill you in better. (I feel so mysterious! Actually, I just don't like to share news that can potentially not happen.) :)

So I have today off, and I'm planning on going to the Star Mill since I've never been there, and I have a project I want to do that I can hopefully find stuff there! I've been feeling so crafty lately! I wish I had the time and energy (and money!) to do all the things I want to! Hopefully when I'm at home all day, I can get a LOT more stuff done! Yay for that!