Thursday, February 02, 2012

Whats Taking Up All YOUR Brain Power?

Well, I know whats taking up all of MY brain power. And that is: my sister Brenda's wedding. The last one of my siblings (and the baby of the family) is getting married in just a few weeks and the planning and doing has taken over most of my thinking and doing. :) I'm really excited for her and can't wait to see everything put together (I may also be getting to the point where I can't wait for it to be ya B! haha)
One of the first big things I got to do was the invitations, we got a couple ideas from the internet and I designed them. We sent them to Costco's Business Center and had some issues with them, but I don't want to think about it anymore, so anyway, here's what they look like: (I did fuzz out the important information, I was worried about wedding crashers or something!) ;)
                                                                 This is the front side:

This is the back side: 

I also designed a poster to go out in front of our photobooth that I thought was pretty fun:

                                         (Actually I changed the lips, but you get the idea!)

I'm also doing a bunch of hair, so we did a run through of my mom the other night and I just had to add pictures because, well, I love it. :)
                             First up, I just had to add what she looked like just after we      
      straightened it, I wish I had a picture of the back too but seriously, it was really pretty!
             So we wanted to do a sort of beehive, but then I was watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and        was inspired by Miss Holly Golightly's hair, and did this. :)

Still need to put the music playlist together and lots of other things but I think we're getting there! I just know its going to be such a fun night!