Monday, January 31, 2011

Lots of BUSY

We had a crazy week this last week and a crazy weekend too! Mostly whats been keeping us busy this last week is potty training still. Sam has gotten good enough to go out in public, we've taken him to a restaurant, the store a few times, bowling, grandparents house, and church. The only place he had an accident was church. Lovely. At least it was at the very end right? I don't know if that makes it better, but it was our fault. I should have known that he wouldn't tell the nursery leader he had to go, I should have known he wouldn't want to quit playing, I should have just gone in there and made him go. Darn. We'll be better next week! Otherwise we're really happy to not be changing any diapers for him! And we're really excited to be almost done with this whole horrible process. :) I think there has to be a better way to potty train, like really.

We also went out to dinner with Dave's family on Wednesday for Bethany's birthday. We went to Hunan Gardens because Bethany loves chinese food--mostly she loves to use chopsticks. :) Then on Saturday we went bowling, we told Bethany it was for her birthday but really it was for Dave's work. They had planned a work bowling thing and told him it was required optional. Whatever that means. We assumed it meant that you needed to be there unless you had a valid reason not to be. We didn't, plus we like bowling so we went. BUT I'm really wishing we had taken my mother in law up on leaving some of the kids home. We thought, oh they'll just have such a good time, it'll be fun! It was not fun. Sam was horrid. He wanted to run crazy (duh, should've seen that coming), he didn't want to take turns, he didn't want ANY help AT ALL (that means carrying a 7 lb ball around and throwing it down the lane) and would scream constantly. Kimball was fine but we had to keep passing him from person to person, which I should have thought about beforehand. I'm not very smart if you aren't picking up on this. BUT the worst part of the whole thing?! The machine was wonky and it wouldn't add up your score right and would give you extra turns and such, but TWICE David stole me throws, so he got one of my 9 pin shots AND my ONLY strike of the day! So he ended up with MY score, and I ended up with the score he should've got. Poo. So he sort of beat me, but only because I helped him unintentionally. He got 120, and I got 101. But that should be switched. So you know.

Saturday night was spent getting food and making a cake for Bethany's birthday. And then Sunday was so exciting and fun (and tiring!) because Bethany turned 8 and therefore was baptized! I will post more on that later, its worthy of its own post right?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Now

So, here's whats happening here lately:

Mostly a lot of potty training. I won't say it because I don't want to jinx us, but Sam is doing really well potty training. Like to the point of we've taken him out in public without an accident! AWESOME. He's really been a big boy lately, and as a prize for doing so well we got him a new truck and he's been carrying it around with him non stop. He even slept the other night with it holding it the whole time.

We're also getting ready for a baptism. Bethany is turning 8 this Sunday and we are so excited for her to be baptized! She's gone to her interview with the Bishop and he said "She's ready!" and we've been having lots of talks about what it means to be baptized and whats changing in her life now, its pretty exciting stuff!

On a random note, my kids are watching "Meet the Robinsons" right now and can I say, I hate this movie?! Not because it isn't a good movie, it is; its just that it breaks my heart every time I see it. To think no one would want such a sweet intelligent boy kills me. I love the happy ending, but the beginning makes me cry the ugly cry. :)

Okay, back on track: Dave got a new job! He's still in the same office as he was before, but a different, better job in that office. Its nice because we've been waiting the last couple of months on if he was going to get this job or a different one that would send us farther away (Port Orchard or maybe Seattle-ish), well, the other job they closed from budget cuts and Dave was offered this job, which works really well! We're excited that within the next couple months we will hopefully be moving to a better area, and we won't have to move again for awhile hopefully! We're happy with how well Dave's been doing at work and how much they like him, its been a real blessing!

We went out to Chamber's Bay last weekend and it was so beautiful out there! We are planning on going back again on another nice day:

The end. For today anyway. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunny Day

We went to the beach the one nice day we've had this week, now its all doom and gloom again. Seriously, its so gray here all the time its super depressing. So even though it was pretty cold, it was great to be outside in the sun. Plus, the little boy got to get some energy out and thats always a plus! Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures:

Monday, January 10, 2011

London Bridge is Falling Down

Our new time for church is 9am. Now if you know me, I am not much of an early riser, so 9am is not my favorite time of church. Add on top of that, that Dave had drill this weekend so I had to get everyone ready alone and deal with everyone by myself through sacrament...yeah, I was not happy about it.

Maybe it was my bad attitude. I just might have brought this on myself.

I was rushing yesterday morning, trying to get everyone ready and it felt like EVERYONE WAS WORKING AGAINST ME! I asked Maddie to get her shoes and socks on like five billion times, Bethany even tried to help her find her lost shoe. Maddie has an uncanny ability to do whatever she wants. I say "Maddie go get your shoes on FAST!!!", she hears "Maddie, walk reeeeaaaally slowly and go find some dolls to play with." So I'm trying to get it all done and out on time, I have Kimball in his carseat and I'm walking into the garage to load everybody in, the girls are buckled in and I'm calling to Sam. I have the carseat in front of me, so I can't see where I'm stepping (in nice big heels no less), I take the first step down the garage steps and I had forgotten that there was a soda case sitting there. I step on it and I'm going down. I start falling and its like fast and slow at the same time, I try and put the carseat down next to me, its sort of tilted at a weird angle but Kimball was just fine. My other leg gets caught up underneath me and has been raked across the step. Just scraped the heck out of my shin and I yelped pretty good. I had to just sit there for a couple minutes and take some deep breaths because that FREAKING HURT!! Bethany was so sweet and asked if there was anything she could do to help me. We finally got everything okay and got out to church. What a day! I woke up this morning feeling like my legs had been put through a marathon! So sore and tight and feeling bruised!

Also, this is the second time I've fallen down stairs in two months! What is going on here?!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2010--Never to Be Seen Again!

Well, its time again to take a look back before moving forward! That is, I'm taking a quick look at 2010 and telling you some of my favorite things (quick for you, this post took me FOREVER.)! If you'd like to check out past years you can see here and here.

Favorite Song:

Animal- Neon Trees

honorable mention:
If We Ever Meet Again- Timbaland ft. Katy Perry
I've Got A Brand New Pair of Roller Skates- Melanie Safka

Favorite Movie:

Harry Potter 7 (I haven't actually seen this yet, but I KNOW I will LOOOVE it!)

honorable mention:
Knight and Day
Despicable Me

Favorite TV Show:

Any of the Real Housewives

Favorite Book:

The Hunger Games (notice I did NOT say Mockingjay, I started reading this series earlier this year and just LOVED it, but the last book was pretty disappointing for me.)

Favorite Vacation:
Trip to Utah!

Favorite Outfit:
ugh. I'm STILL trying to lose the baby weight and I hate ALL OF MY CLOTHES. But what I would give to have this outfit from Victorias Secret:

(except I would keep my stomach well hidden. Ya know.)

Favorite Person(s):

Favorite Project:
painting the crib

Most Drastic Change:

Having a baby while Dave was in South Carolina for five months.


*Kimball David

*David coming home

*Utah trip

*fun summer

*Ocean Shores



*David being gone for five months

*being crazy pregnant lady

*dislocated knee

*having a baby by myself :(

*scary neighbors (gun shots, lots of partying, police in the middle of the night. Yeah.)

Even with some of those things I wish I could change, it was a year that I will always remember, am hopefully stronger for and learned a lot from! We all have years that aren't what we hope they are, and some of the years are more than we could hope for. Its the hard that makes us appreciate the good and I'm grateful for our trials even though they're awful some days, because they help me become the person I want to be! Here's looking forward to 2011!