Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Since we got our new computer last year, I don't have a ton of our pictures from before that since a lot are still on our old computer. I wish I could post a bunch of pictures of me and Dave and all that, but I can't. Sorry. :(

Yesterday we celebrated with not only our family but my sister's family came over and my parents too. I made dinner, spaghetti and meatballs (a la Lady and the Tramp), some breadsticks and hot chocolate with heart marshmallows, and my mom brought some salad to finish it up. We had strawberry shortcake for dessert and of course there were lots of sweet little Valentine chocolates everywhere. We had a good time playing games (we just got 'Just Dance 2' on the Wii and we had a lot of fun--and exercise--dancing) and my mom did a little FHE lesson on showing love to our families and we made little "coupons" to give to each other. It was just an all around nice time!

I need to post about me and Dave's "ROMANTIC" date we went on last Saturday and I still need to post Bethany's birthday from the end of last month! Sheesh, I'm behind AND out of order! But I'll get to it, don't you worry!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baptism Day

I know, I know. I should have blogged about Bethany's baptism all week and I've been putting it off and putting it off in favor of watching this video:

Well, really I've been doing lots of things besides watching that video, but I do like to watch it like once a day just for a laugh.

Actually, I've really been putting it off because...I don't want to say it.

Because...I didn't take any pictures at the baptism.

I KNOW! I feel terrible about it and I keep telling myself to get Bethany dressed up again and at least take some pictures of her all pretty and some with Dave but life keeps happening and the pictures don't. :( I would do it this Sunday but Dave has drill, so he'll be gone. I know, I have the best excuses.

So I suppose I should at the very least tell you about her baptism right? Right! It was a very beautiful day, but I don't mean that weather wise--I have no idea what the weather was like. It was beautiful because it was just such a special day, in the weeks leading up to this event, we talked to Bethany a lot about the decision she was making. We wanted her to understand exactly what she was doing and what it meant. She was so excited and so READY to be baptized and so it made the day so exciting! It was also beautiful because Bethany looked like a little angel. We got to the church and started setting up chairs and getting everything ready, she wanted her grandmas' to give the talks, so Grandma Chelli talked to her first about baptism. Then she got to go back with Dad and get into the font. David was a little emotional and it was so neat to see how much it meant to him to baptize his daughter! When she came up out of the water she gasped really loudly, she told me after that the water was COLD! haha So we hurried and got her changed and then listened to Grandma Bobbie to talk about the Holy Ghost. She also got to hear from the Bishop and the Primary President AND both of her Grandpa's! Lucky girl! There was such a spirit of family and unity and love, it was great. (Side note-- what was going on with me the whole time: Sam running around crazy, Maddie talking with her cousins, Kimball screaming and wanting mommy, Sam needing to go to the bathroom, me almost missing the confirmation because of the bathroom break, I thought my feet her going to be rubbed raw from the stupid shoes I wore...etc. etc.) :)

Bethany was so happy to see her family, and also some of her friends from her class and her Primary teachers, it was really neat for her!

How we as her parents felt: amazed! Amazed that our first little baby is old enough to make decisions about her eternal salvation, that she's learning about what Heavenly Father wants her to do and she understands so much of the gospel. She is such a good girl, and it was so neat to get to see our daughter in a different way and made us excited to see who she'll be as she grows up even more.

All in all, it was a pretty sweet day and I feel so grateful and blessed to have her in our family!