Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We're going Kosher!

This last weekend was a little crazy, but a lot of fun! I really want to post about Patti's party, but even though I brought my camera, I was too busy having a great time to take pictures! I know other people did, come on Patti, let's see them! (Unless I look stupid--which I know I do--leave those out.)

So until then, here's a funny story for you!

David and I were talking this morning while we were getting ready for work and Maddie was sitting there listening. David was saying something about bacon, and then he said, "Except we can't have bacon anymore because of the swine flu. So I guess we'll have to go kosher!" I replied with a nice, "heh. heh."

A little while later when we were getting ready to go, Maddie asked Dave if she was going with him. He told her no, he was going to work and she was going to the daycare. She was all, "No! You said we were going somewhere else earlier!" It took him a minute to figure it out, but she wanted to go kosher. REALLY bad! She's asked me a few times today already, I may have told her daddy was lying to finally make her stop. Even though she said "Nuh-huh. Daddy was NOT lying!"

Tee hee! Thought it was cute!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I really don't have much to blog about, just a lot of little tidbits.

First off, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I think I often feel overwhelmed, and this is another one of those weeks. Just on top of the regular things, like my job and church meetings, I had a staff meeting at work last night, made a huge four layer cake, a birthday party earlier today, making cookies for a wedding tonight, a Primary activity in the morning and so on and so forth.

BUT, one thing that is making me feel a little more calm is I finally found a "perfume" I really REALLY like. It's from Bath & Body Works, and every time I take a whiff of it, I just feel....aaahhhhhhh. It smells so nice!

Maddie had an accident the other day. She was outside playing (where she also got SUNBURNED! Could that kid be any more fair skinned?!), and couldn't get the door open in time. And BETHANY wouldn't come help her! Yes, I'm totally blaming Bethany for that accident.

Sam ate his own poop the other day. I know I love him, but I just can't seem to get close to him anymore. He's disgusted me. The story is, he LOVES to play in the trash can, I try to keep him away from it, but he's faster than you'd think and that particular day he'd found one of his dirty diapers, opened it, and...well, you know the rest. Oh the nastiness of it all!

Bethany is so happy to be back at school, except for yesterday when SOMEBODY (I think it must've been Dave...) was supposed to pick her up after school and FORGOT her! What a horrible parent that is! Okay, okay, it was me. On Tuesdays' and Thursdays' I work in the office at work, and go pick Bethany up when it's that time. But yesterday I was waist deep in organizing a closet and totally lost track of time. I was so caught up in my good work, chatting with another co-worker, and all of a sudden--it hit. BETHANY! She had to wait in the school's office for half an hour. I felt horrible! But to make myself feel a little better, there's only ONE month left of school and it's the first time it's happened, thats a pretty good record. Right? Right...

And thats about all the tidbits I have for you! How was your week?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pictures, pictures

Okay, I got my stupid slow computer to finally take the pictures. Because it took forever to get them on the computer I'm going to post a couple from Easter too. So there, and there's nothing you can do to stop me! Mwaa hahaha ha! Okay then, here goes:

This first one, Sam had got ahold of Bethany's soup and was going to town. We was completely happy, and not at all bothered with soup in his eye. :)

These next pictures are the Easter egg hunt at Jim & Kay's. Here's Leanne's little boy Ethan--too funny!

And Leanne's little girl Chelsea!

Sam hunting for some eggs.

Look Ma! I found one!

Okay, these next pictures are from my lamp project. The first picture is what the shade looked like before. See, it's just tan and has kind of a faux leather look--blah!

And the little lamp turned into THIS: I LOVE IT!

And the corner lamp got a bold damask pattern and some feathers! Whoo!

The other two lamps will get this toile material (the colors really do match, the pictures don't show it very well), and maybe some beads or something!
Here's a closer shot of the material on the little lamp. (I'm going to use the extra material from this and the damask and make a little tableclothe for the side table, and maybe some extra pillows or something, I'm debating.)
So what do you think? Pretty fun huh?

Spring Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I'm still here. I think I'm okay, I think I survived. What did I survive?


It was a different Spring Break this year, because the weather was TERRIBLE. Rain the first half of the week, SNOW the second. So we were pretty much stuck inside the whole week. Dumb. It got a little kooky, I have to say! But I also got a crafting itch that I totally scratched! If that didn't make sense, I did a craft project! I took pictures, but I haven't downloaded them yet (you haven't heard that before have you?!), I promise I will hopefully maybe even today!

But to let you in on my project, I decided I wanted to re-do my lamp shades. They're just a tan color and very boring! So I went and bought some super cute fabric and recovered them, I've got two of the four done already, and I have to say they are freakin adorable! I'm very excited about finishing the other's up too! Promise I'll get the pictures up soon!

So, how was your Spring Break?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Goodness

I hope you all had a great Easter like I did! Sacrament meeting was beautiful and wonderful and I cried a lot, it was good though!
I made us all match Sunday clothes so we could take some pictures of us, the kids weren't being too cooperative though, so this is the best we got! (Besides the fact that there really isn't a "pretty" place to take pictures at our house.)

I haven't downloaded the pictures from the Easter egg hunt yet, but we had a TON of fun at Jim & Kay's eating great food, throwing plastic eggs on the roof and kicking them when the came down, joking around, eating dessert and just enjoying the company! We love them so much!
So how was your Easter?

(Oh! And yesterday was my Mom's birthday too, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Blogging for Dummies

Okay, I'm being a lazy blogger today, but boy oh boy! You get to see us LIVE! Whoooey! I know you're excited because its been so long since you've seen my crazy eyes, and my ridiculously loud voice! Wheeee!

This first video is of Sam walking around and then you can hear his adorable little conversation with me. I love this kid! AND, lucky lucky, you get to see him wave bye bye! So cute! (Oh, before you start, turn the sound to LOW, my voice is shockingly loud--it pierces to the inner eardrum and bursts it. Ask my dad, he knows.)

This next video is maybe a tad embarrassing, but since when have I let that stop me? I decided I would do a video blog, and show you some of the stuff we've been doing--IN THE FLESH! Or atleast, through the computer, on the video, and not reading it. You get the picture.

Hope you enjoyed it because it took some seriously doodawing to get these stupid videos to work (and help from my awesome friend!), oh and sorry for blaring you ears right out of your head. Its a gift, I know.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Deep Ponderings on Conference

I'm sure there will be a hundred and one posts about Conference in the next day or two, but here's one more! Yay!
Of course I had my favorite talks and one's I really needed to hear but I don't want to talk about that right now. I want to talk about ME, just kidding!
I was pondering yesterday morning about why we have two days of Conference, and four hours of spiritual feasting those two days. It seems like a lot to me (granted, I'm not complaining, I was just curious as why they chose to do it that way), why did they decide that every six months we would gather together on Saturday morning and afternoon, and then again the next day? Well, I don't know all the specific reasons, but the main thing I came up with is: because we need it! (wow, I'm so deep aren't I?) Can I just say, EVERY Conference I come away with this feeling of hope and re-commitment. DUH! In a world that pulls us every which way, where its hard to always see exactly what we should do, where it can get a little depressing, we NEED to hear those messages of hope and love and telling us exactly what we need to do. Its amazing! I love that I can listen to one message and feel like I KNOW the Church is true, I KNOW what they're saying is TRUE! It all makes sense! I may struggle and feel guilty that I'm not better, but I know its true and I can be better! What a great weekend its been...I love this church!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool's!

My favorite April Fool's Joke EVER:

When Bethany was just a little baby, April Fool's came around. She was only a few months old, so still had pretty unpredictable bowel movements. Are you getting a little scared that I went right into poop? Oh yes, this story definitely has to do with poop! All the best stories have poop in them! Or do they? Well, this one does...

So, we went to the store and bought a jar of Nutella. Have you ever seen it? Its a hazelnut/chocolate (the consistency of say peanut butter-ish) spread, delicious really, but we weren't using it to put on toast--oh no we weren't! I made David do it, because I just can't keep my face straight in these sort of situations, no poker face whatsoever.

We were at David's parents' house for...well, because we lived there thats why. He went in the other room to "get a diaper", and while he was in there he spread some of the Nutella on the clean diaper. Can you see where this is going?

He put Bethany on the floor where his parents weren't paying attention, and switched out the diapers. All of a sudden he started making a fuss, "OH MAN! This diaper is horrible! She totally had a blow-out!!" and then "*SNIFF* WOW, this diaper totally smells like chocolate!! Weird!" and finally "Hmmmm, I wonder if it...tastes...like...choco..." LICK! He stuck the diaper to his mouth, and licked up some of the Nutella! hehehehehehe!

You should have heard the commotion!! David's mom screaming, his dad I think just put his hand over his face and laughed (I think he knew something was up, yes?), I stayed off to the side laughing the whole time--it was HILARIOUS! (Ma, Pa, do you remember it?) hahaha

And to this day we have never played another April Fool's joke, because how can you top that?! Can you top it?