Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Don't Let the Door Hit Ya...

Well, its time to say a fond farewell to 2008 and welcome the brand new, never been used model: 2009! All the possibilities are laid out before us, endless possibilities for our futures--but, I don't want to talk about the future today! Today, we are taking a look back into the year of two thousand and EIGHT!
Last night I couldn't go to sleep, what was keeping me up? 2008 was! I was thinking of all the different things that happened this past year and all of my favorite things. So you get the product of my sleepless night!
Here goes...

This is a tough one, I've really enjoyed itunes and listening to some great music! So you're getting more than one song:

1. Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade (has to be number one, I just love that song!)

2. It ends tonight by The All-American Rejects

3. Thunder by Boys Like Girls

4. Stranger by Secondhand Serenade

5. The Reason by Hoobastank

honorable mention: The Call by Regina Spektor


I loved IRONMAN! Followed closely by Dark Knight and Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda!

sort-of honorable mention: Twilight, it was just so low budget and there were so many things just off, but it was TOO FUN a night not to mention!


The Office--hands down!


This is also easy, I started the Twilight series this year, and I'm sorry but nothing else I read this year topped those books!


This one is actually hard, since any vacation is awesome and amazing in its own way! I loved going to Moab as a family, that was fantastic! And I loved going to see my sister in Las Vegas, but not my whole family could be there with me....So I guess I would have to say our best trip was up to Washington in October!


Oh yeah, this one!:

(OH how I love those nylons! bliss...)


Hmmmm, how to pick a favorite person?! Over the last few months since my sister stopped working I've gotten to talk to her atleast a few times a DAY, and it just reaffirms to me how much I truly love her! She's one of my all- time favorites!

On a more "famous" level, (Kristie, you're famous in my world!) I love John Vesely (also known as Secondhand Serenade) for his music--amazing! I also love Patrick Dempsey! The cast of The Office! And of course Thomas S. Monson!


I guess on a slightly less drastic level, I chopped all my hair off!


*trip to Moab

*the birth of Samuel Walker!

*taking the summer off work

*Walker Family Reunion

*Bryce & Tamsyn's wedding!

*Bethany starting kindergarten

*our 7th anniversary

*visit to Kristie's



Aww, really? I can't think of any horrible things that have happened to us! Well, atleast I don't want to dwell on any thing I might could think of! Sorry, this is all warm fuzzies!

We feel so very very blessed and grateful for the blessings we've received this last year! So thank you to all of you that have contributed to our wonderful 2008, and we're looking forward to spending a great 2009 with you as well! BRING IT ON!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Festivities!

I truly hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We had ourselves a good ole time, especially with not being able to go home this year! Here's some pictures from our celebrating:
First up, Christmas Eve at Jim & Kay's along with some of my cousins:

How can you not love this man?!?! hehehe

What a grinchy look Jim! PRESENTS! FOOD! PRESENTS! ME! So much to smile about! ;)

Sam enjoying the meal

Maddie opening a present from Aunt Kay! So fun!

Could she get any happier?

Christmas morning we woke up to a REAL white Christmas, with pretty little flakes falling!

Opening presents from Aunts' and Uncles' and Grandmas' and Grandpas', we're so spoiled!

Sam was happy just to watch what everyone was doing!

I LOVE HER! Every present we gave Maddie, she asked "Can I open it?" haha

Bethany just so excited! Isn't she cute?

David with the Wii, our arms are sore from playing....:)

Maddie sharing the chapstick she got in her stocking :)

The girls REALLY wanted to go out and make a snowman, but I'm mean so they played by themselves while I watched! Here's Maddie and the giant icicle she found to play with.

Bethany trying to build her snowman (see that little lump next to her? Yeah, thats it.)

Maddie so happy in the snow!

Well, thats it folks! Merry Christmas, and we hope you also have an amazing New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Two posts in one day! Lucky lucky you! While I was getting the other pictures off the laptop, I thought I should get these too. These are just a couple pictures from what we've been doing lately. First up are a couple of the Nativity sets I have up for Christmas, fun huh?

Next, we've been getting DUMPED on with snow, its insane! So I took a couple pictures of our house with the snow so you could see I wasn't exaggerating!

This last one is of Bethany all made up for ballet. She got to participate in the Nutcracker performance, she was an angel. She LOVES going on "the stage" and isn't scared at all, I think she loves wearing make-up more than anything else though! haha

p.s. It's Christmas Eve TOMORROW!! Whoo hoo!!

Bones, Bugs and Sharks--OH MY!

So I've been meaning to post about the Dinosaur Museum we went to when my parents were here, I've just had some technical difficulties with my laptop. Just so you know, I went to great lengths to get these photos, so you better appreciate it! :) Anyway, we LOVED the Dinosaur Museum! Its informative, hands on, big and a little creepy. Well, atleast to me--they kept playing these creepy dinosaur sounds and you're surrounded by huge bones, I was SCEERED! But only for a second, then we got to play in the sand! Yay!

Me and Dave decided to play around the big shark display, we thought we were pretty funny...

Digging in the sand for "bones" :)

Sam playing with Grandpa, it was so cute!

Bethany asleep with Grandma, she loves her so much!