Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Goings On's

Finally got around to getting some of the pictures off my camera! I thought it would be a little too late to add pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I'm adding pictures from the last couple weeks. This is one of the parties we had for Bethany's birthday, they got to frost some cupcakes and looooved it!

(You can always count on Maddie to get caught with a funny face! haha)

These next pictures happened just after Bethany's birthday, when she lost her first tooth! She really wanted that tooth out, so we asked my dad to pull it. He got a good tug on it and almost had it out, but it surprised her a little and she started to cry (especially because there was teeny bit of blood), so we stopped trying. But that same night, she just kept fiddling and fiddling until she pulled it out all by herself! She was SO excited!

Look how tiny that thing is!

When I was a kid, we always put sugar on a plate so you could see the tooth fairy's footprints after she left the money, kind of fun! (And yes, she only got 50 cents, because seriously she has three other loose teeth and the kid has no concept of money, 50 cents was thrilling!)

These last two pictures I took today of Sam. I wasn't paying attention, but should have known something bad was happening because Sam was being very quiet, when Maddie said "Mooooom, look at Sam!" when I turned around, he had taken the bag balm and smeared it all over his face and head and all over his hands! He's crying because I said "SAM! Why did you do that?!" and I was still upset even while I walked over to get the camera and take pictures of him! His hair is so greasy, but hey, his skin should be super silky soft tomorrow!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Woops! Sorry!

Wow, it has been forever since I updated this blog! Yikes! Well let's see, where to start...?

We moved into a townhome right after Christmas and are getting pretty settled. Still haven't hung pictures and stuff like that, but most all boxes are unpacked so thats good! David didn't work all of January, so he was a big help in getting stuff done. Dave was scheduled to leave for basic training on the 25th of January, he had to go up to SeaTac on Sunday and get all checked in. After he checked in he came back to go to a Priesthood Conference so he could see my dad get set apart as a member of the Stake Presidency! Crazy huh?! Then he went back up to SeaTac, and got ready to ship out. I got to spend some time with him on Monday before he left but it wasn't nearly long enough (of course, it would never be long enough)! It was heartbreaking and very sad to say goodbye, especially not really knowing how things would be for him, when we'd get to talk again, all that. Hard. So he's been gone for a little over a week and its been kind of a roller coaster. The first week was really terrible, wanted to cry all the time (doesn't help that I'm pregnant and want to cry all the time anyway!), and all that but by the end of the week I got to talk to him a couple times and that helped a LOT! He's doing alright, he got stuck in hold-over to wait for a stupid waiver, and his boots are killing him (big huge blisters and lots of pinching) so hopefully he can get boots that fit him better and he'll start basic this next Monday. Which will be great, except I don't know when I'll talk to him next which is hard. We still don't have a name picked out for this baby either! I'm going to put a poll in the sidebar of some of the names we like, if you want to vote, I'd appreciate it! The pregnancy's going well, gotten tons of shots, blood work taken, glucose and rhogam. I feel beat up every time I go to the dr.!

It was Bethany's birthday this last Saturday too, and I now have a 7 year old!! Can you believe it?! We had a couple different family get together's to celebrate and she got lots of fun stuff, she got to have a sleepover at her Grandma and Grandpa's and they went and saw "The Tooth Fairy" and she LOVED doing that! She has two big teeth coming up in the bottom front of her mouth and two of those baby teeth are loose, we just need them to get loose enough to grab (those things are teeny!), she wants to pull them out so bad! Its amazing to think of how fast the time has gone, seems like yesterday she was just a baby! :(

The kids all miss Dave a ton and talk about him all the time! Sam talks about daddy every second of the day, points at some shoes "Daddy's shoes!" see's a car "Daddy's car!" goes outside "Daddy's chair!" (the neighbor's have a chair sitting outside the front porch), "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Sort of breaks my heart a little bit. Maddie simply says every once in awhile "I miss Daddy." and Bethany tells me "I wish Daddy would come home and never leave again for forever." I hope the time will fly by, I think it will especially when it starts getting nicer outside. We got a little postcard from Dave the other day and Bethany was so excited, she kept reading it over and over.

Well, I think thats about it for updating everything. Thats about where we're caught up to! We miss all our friends from Utah, the kids talk about their friends pretty much every day, and we hope you know we love you!