Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I'm Lazy

I don't know whats happened to me. I've become...a horrible blogger. I have had a hard time finding the time and motivation to actually blog. And even right now, I'm about ready to call it quits! haha

As far as updates go, the last time I blogged it was my birthday. Since then we've had Easter and Kimball's 2nd birthday and lots of other little things that keep us busy. Probably the biggest thing taking up our time right now is we're looking at houses to buy. I think I've become convinced that nothing will ever come together easy for us, it must be our lot in life to have to struggle and really work at things. Maybe everybody does and it just looks easy for other people from our point of view. I don't know, but I swear we have bad luck! ;) We've looked at a few houses now, and its been a really eye opening experience. I've learned that you can't trust the listing's pictures, that you can't expect people to actually clean their house, what people think looks good hardly ever does (decorating/paint wise), I don't especially love walking through other people's homes (awkward central), this is harder than I thought it was going to be. :)

 After the first couple of houses, I was feeling really discouraged because they were totally different than what I had expected to see! Then we saw one house that was just fantastic, well, obviously everyone else thought so too because it sold before we could even get an offer in. Boo. So we've been looking at more places, and trying to keep an open mind and all, and last night we went to see four more. The first one we saw we both really liked, we went home and talked it over and made a decision. Before I say anymore, our agent told us it hadn't had any offers put on it at all, (its a short sale, and nobodies tried to buy it and walked away from it or anything) we thought there hadn't been any interest in it at all. So THIS MORNING, an offer gets put in on it. WHAT THE WHAT?! I just don't understand how it could sit without activity for two months and the day we want to put on offer on it, someone else does. Do you see what I'm saying about the bad luck?! Its crazy! So we're still going to put a counter offer in, but man, I just don't get why we can't just find a house we like, with all the things we like, for a great price, in a great area and BUY IT. Is that so much to ask!? ;)

So needless to say, its been taking up a lot of my brain power and time and anxiety. I know once we do find something it will most likely take a while for everything to go through because more likely than not it will be a short sale (like 99% of homes are right now, sheesh), so I'd like to get going so we can be done with this before, like next year. :)

Buying a house has been one of my biggest longings since we've gotten married, I've waited over ten years to be at this point, I never thought I'd be complaining about it! haha I've tried really hard to take it in stride and be happy with the process, and I know everything will work out, it will. We WILL find the right house for us, it WILL work out. Its the waiting and not knowing thats hard for me, so I'm trying. Wish us luck, pray for us, give us money...I mean, send good thoughts, that this will be not too painful!

Oh, and maybe someday I'll add pictures from Easter and Kimball's birthday. Someday. Maybe.