Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Roller Skating

We went roller skating last night for our Young Men/Young Women activity, we do it every year, and because we rent out the whole rink we invite families and whoever else wants to come. It really was a lot of fun! I wish I had some pictures to put up, but silly me forgot my camera! I did atleast get a funny story to tell out of it. I went to check on the girls and David said Bethany had just gone to the bathroom and wanted me to check on her to see if she was ok (she was still in the skates and really unsteady), so I start down the bathroom hallway and can hear her just screaming "DADDY!!", she had come straight from ballet and still had her leotard on and couldn't get it down and was going to wet her pants! So I hurry in there and help her get situated, and realize now I have to go pretty bad as well. I figure I'll just stay in her stall since I need to help her anyway, so when she gets done I go to sit down and she slips in her skates bare bottom on the ground! This causes me to slip a little (luckily landing on the toilet!) but I roll over her finger on the way down. So there we are, I'm relieving myself and she's sitting on the floor screaming because her finger hurts--just naked! All I could do was laugh, pick her off the floor and get her dressed, it was quit a sight, I'm sure it would've been funny just to hear, but luckily no one else was in there! So there's my "bathroom" humor for you! haha

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Keith and Kerrilyn's Family of 4 said...

Okay- that is an even funnier story than the one of Keith on skates. I wish I could have been in there. I thought for a second you were going to say you peed in your pants. Phew, glad that didn't happen. That was a very fun activity. Way FUN!!

P.S. I am loving your new blog layout. Very darling, the family picture is adorable but with a family like yours how could it not be?

Your the best

Shannon said...

Wow Melinda I love you new blog. I wish I could be as creative as you. I'm lucky if I can remember how to put a picture with my posts. I love your family portrait. You know me, I'm a fall person. What a great looking family. I'll have to call you to learn how to do a show slide.

kurt said...

The Roller skating story killed me. I love Bethany, what a kid. She is so tough. She skated with me for a while gripping so tight to the stroller, her legs going every which way but actually under her. Her little arms must have been so tired from hanging on but she wasn't about to give up. hilarious.

kurt said...

i don't know why my comment said Kurt posted it. It was actually Heather. just wanted to make that clear sorry.