Friday, July 17, 2009

This and That

So I have a few things I can update you on, it hasn't been a really eventful week, mostly because I am still SO TIRED from Girls Camp, but there has been some stuff going on.

The biggest news we got this week was:
David didn't get the police job he applied to in Washington.
Sad day! :( But we still have faith that things will work out and the Lord is aware of us and it will be just fine!

Anything else going on kind of pales in comparison, but in the next couple days you can look forward to pictures from us being in the Steel Days parade (for the daycare), look for us and we'll be waving!

I've been reading a ton of books lately, I just finished reading the last Harry Potter book (again) and now I'm reading "My Sister's Keeper", which is insanely sad. I'm hoping we can go see the Harry Potter movie sometime soon, I'm really excited to see it! Other books I've been reading: All the Fablehaven books (FANTASTIC!), The Candy Shop Wars, and the Uglies series.

Before I went to Girls Camp I started painting a mural at the daycare, I need to go take some pictures and also finish it, but look forward to seeing those someday, hopefully soon. If you've read "Where the Wild Things Are" then you'll know what I'm talking about, but thats the theme for the room I painted, its pretty fun! And I'm really excited to paint the other rooms too, whats in my head is going to be so awesome, now I just need to get it done!

Okay, I think thats about it! So how's your summer been so far?

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BreAnna said...

Sorry about the job. It'll work out though, I'm sure. I totally saw you in the parade!! That was fun. Wow, you are so talented to be able to do stuff like that.