Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Christmas Time

Man oh man! I haven't posted in forever and haven't really given any kind of information AND haven't been reading any blogs! Whats HAPPENING?! So unlike me. :(

(Side story real quick, I was just talking on the phone, Sam's sitting in my lap sleeping and when I said goodbye, Sam mumbled "byyye..." in his sleep! Too funny!)

So anyway, Christmas this year has felt REALLY different, not just because I'm not in my own place, putting up my own decorations and all that; but it also doesn't feel like visiting family at Christmas because we're living with family. Its just weird. Its been hard to get into the Christmas spirit and I can't believe its only a week away! Jinglebells, I need to get moving! (That was my effort to get into the Christmas spirit, by the way.)

So I finally got to go into my first dr.'s appt. since we moved! I was really excited until I got there and had to wait, and wait and wait and WAIT. Two hours after my appointment was scheduled did I finally get to leave, and its not like I did anything excited, except give a ton of blood. Mostly just waiting, and filling out paperwork that I'd already filled out before. Poo. So I did get to finally schedule an ultrasound, but the lady who does them is gone for two weeks for Christmas, so its not until January 7th! By then, I will let you all know what kind of baby we're having (as in boy or girl, not naughty or nice) (oh look! More Christmas references! Yay!).

I think time is weird. You can have so much to do, and in between be so bored. Its like fast and slow, but never normal. Atleast thats how it feels right now for me. I really miss all of you down in Utah SO MUCH! I honestly thought when we moved that it would be a piece of cake, that I would have family and friends up here to keep my mind off of missing anyone, but thats just not true. I hope everyone knows how much I love them and am wishing I could fly down there today to hug you and tell you in person how awesome you are!

Oh, and real quick, we went down to Bethany's school this morning for an assembly because Bethany won a "Terrific Kid" award! You know the ones, where you see on someone's bumper "My Child is a Terrific Kid!" Yup, we have one now! haha I'm glad she's terrific at school, wish she didn't use it all up before she got home though! :)

Alright, well, I suppose I have other things to do! Merry Christmas everybody!

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Pogue Fam said...

And a Merry Christmas to you too Melinda :) I was sad that I couldn't make it on Monday... things are a bit in fast forward for me too. If you need a little Christmas cheer, just pop over! The chaos at my house just might make you feel a little better hehe. I am going to start telling people "NO HECK NO" when they ask me if I can attend some other event!!! I want to sit still in a chair ALL day and watch time tick by. Slowly.

BreAnna said...

Yeah, I've had a hard time getting the Christmas spirit flowing this year as well. Maybe the elf in charge of that was sleepin' on the job! :) Merry Christmas! Glad things are going well for you.