Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Goings On's

Finally got around to getting some of the pictures off my camera! I thought it would be a little too late to add pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I'm adding pictures from the last couple weeks. This is one of the parties we had for Bethany's birthday, they got to frost some cupcakes and looooved it!

(You can always count on Maddie to get caught with a funny face! haha)

These next pictures happened just after Bethany's birthday, when she lost her first tooth! She really wanted that tooth out, so we asked my dad to pull it. He got a good tug on it and almost had it out, but it surprised her a little and she started to cry (especially because there was teeny bit of blood), so we stopped trying. But that same night, she just kept fiddling and fiddling until she pulled it out all by herself! She was SO excited!

Look how tiny that thing is!

When I was a kid, we always put sugar on a plate so you could see the tooth fairy's footprints after she left the money, kind of fun! (And yes, she only got 50 cents, because seriously she has three other loose teeth and the kid has no concept of money, 50 cents was thrilling!)

These last two pictures I took today of Sam. I wasn't paying attention, but should have known something bad was happening because Sam was being very quiet, when Maddie said "Mooooom, look at Sam!" when I turned around, he had taken the bag balm and smeared it all over his face and head and all over his hands! He's crying because I said "SAM! Why did you do that?!" and I was still upset even while I walked over to get the camera and take pictures of him! His hair is so greasy, but hey, his skin should be super silky soft tomorrow!

6 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

kristie said...

Haha, Sam has the best look in that first pic! The girls look super cute frosting those cupcakes:>

Kerrilyn said...

Bag Balm...that is funny...not for you, but for me it is!

Delee said...

I love that idea for the Tooth Fairy. (Way less tricky then under the pillow.) Wow, your kids are growing up so fast!

Bret Bushman Family said...

Boy they are sure growing up...Maddie looks like she is having the time of her life, miss you guys :)

BreAnna said...

Love the sugar idea, super cute! Those girls are gorgeous. You have a shotgun, right? :)

Anne Marie Corey said...

I'm totally going to steal that tooth fairy idea.