Tuesday, September 07, 2010

School Blues

We went camping this Labor Day weekend, so I'm a little behind on my blogging. Before I can blog about camping, I need to catch up on Bethany starting school. The Monday before school started we had a "fashion show" for family home evening, here's some pictures from that:

Then her first day of school was on Thursday...well, atleast it started for everyone else BUT Bethany. :( I went to drop her off at school, and then went in to the nurse's office to give them her epi-pen and make sure all the paperwork was good, since I hadn't heard anything from them. Well, I get there and the nurse says that they can't just have the epipen, they need paperwork from the doctor. And I'm look "WHA??" and she tells me that they sent papers home and called all the parents--except I didn't get any calls or papers, I even went in and picked up the pen at the end of the year and STILL didn't hear anything! So she tells me Bethany can't stay at the school LEGALLY without that doctor's paper and I needed to take her home. She got about five minutes of schooling that day. Of course, I couldn't get her in to the doctor until the next day and that was a whole fiasco in itself. But whatever, she's in school today so yay! Here's a picture of her on her "non" first day of school:

We decided that day since she was feeling bad we'd go to the beach, I'll only add a couple of those pictures and then I'll post again in the next couple days of our trip to Ocean Shores!

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BreAnna said...

Melinda, you take such cute pictures of your kids! Glad things straightened out finally.