Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Days

We've had our first real snow storm here since we moved back home. Last winter was super mild and there was only one tiny snow fall that melted a few hours later. This storm started while we were at church on Sunday and by the time we had gotten to my parents for dinner that night, there was quite a dusting on the ground. These pictures are from Sunday evening. I haven't taken anymore but thats just because there's nothing pretty about our backyard here! :)

I know the pictures are really dark but thats because they were taken around 5 o'clock and its almost dark by then! (stupid daylight savings...)

Random picture of Sam sleeping:

When Monday rolled around I was positive school was going to be delayed or cancelled because when it snows here, people freak out. There just isn't the equipment to clear the roads and it gets pretty slick out there with the amount of moisture we have here. But there was no delay and no cancellation. I was shocked! It snowed all day Monday though, and they cancelled school today and its cancelled tomorrow as well. I like the snow, its peaceful and beautiful! Plus, it won't last long here so I'll enjoy it while I can. The kids went out with their cousins on Sunday and built a snowman with Kristie and made snow angels and had a snowball fight. They loved it! I was still in church clothes so I didn't get my chance and I'm not playing in my backyard since the neighbor dogs like to do their business back there. Darn, maybe I'll get another chance some other time--here's hoping!

Also, it was Dave and I's 9th anniversary last week! All the kids went over to Grandma and Grandpa's (yes even Kimball--whoo hoo!) and we went out to dinner. Too bad on the way out after dropping the kids off I tripped on the outside stairs and hurt myself pretty bad. Landed right on my knee, scraped the skin off, twisted my ankle and hurt my toe. Pretty silly, Dave had a good laugh at me but at least it feels better today. It hurt for a few days, pretty swollen! Crazy! But it was such a nice night to spend together and be alone and talk a bunch and make fun of our eccentric waiter and all that! :) I feel very blessed to have my husband be my best friend, I could tell him anything and for the most part he really gets me! :)

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Pogue Fam said...

Happy Late Anniversary! I guess a lot of us share November huh?! That totally stinks that you fell... I have a bad falling story too. But I'm glad you still enjoyed your time :) We went out and enjoyed the snow once. Monday morning. And now I refuse to leave the house haha. If only we were neighbors we could get some awesome Christmas card pics in this stuff!!! Lets hang out soon as it melts!