Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Now

So, here's whats happening here lately:

Mostly a lot of potty training. I won't say it because I don't want to jinx us, but Sam is doing really well potty training. Like to the point of we've taken him out in public without an accident! AWESOME. He's really been a big boy lately, and as a prize for doing so well we got him a new truck and he's been carrying it around with him non stop. He even slept the other night with it holding it the whole time.

We're also getting ready for a baptism. Bethany is turning 8 this Sunday and we are so excited for her to be baptized! She's gone to her interview with the Bishop and he said "She's ready!" and we've been having lots of talks about what it means to be baptized and whats changing in her life now, its pretty exciting stuff!

On a random note, my kids are watching "Meet the Robinsons" right now and can I say, I hate this movie?! Not because it isn't a good movie, it is; its just that it breaks my heart every time I see it. To think no one would want such a sweet intelligent boy kills me. I love the happy ending, but the beginning makes me cry the ugly cry. :)

Okay, back on track: Dave got a new job! He's still in the same office as he was before, but a different, better job in that office. Its nice because we've been waiting the last couple of months on if he was going to get this job or a different one that would send us farther away (Port Orchard or maybe Seattle-ish), well, the other job they closed from budget cuts and Dave was offered this job, which works really well! We're excited that within the next couple months we will hopefully be moving to a better area, and we won't have to move again for awhile hopefully! We're happy with how well Dave's been doing at work and how much they like him, its been a real blessing!

We went out to Chamber's Bay last weekend and it was so beautiful out there! We are planning on going back again on another nice day:

The end. For today anyway. :)

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Pogue Fam said...

UUUmm.... so now you get to move and live next to us right?! And I am SOOOOO not beneath begging :D Seriously :D You would love it here, and I would be an awesome craft buddy!!!!!! :D :D :D (convinced yet?! Lol)

And yes, cute pics :)