Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yup, Halloween

Okay okay okay okaaaay. Its the middle of November and I have yet to post Halloween pictures at the least! I haven't been feeling like blogging very much lately, but I do want to keep up on it at least a little bit--sheesh. :)

I love doing theme Halloween costumes, we've done themes most years even before we had kids (which was only one year....haha) so this year the kids had been watching Peter Pan a lot and I thought, HEY LETS DO PETER PAN!! (I think loudly in my head...) So since I have short red hair, we decided I would be Peter Pan and Dave would be Captain Hook. I thought Maddie would be the perfect Tinker Bell (seriously, right?!) and Bethany the perfect Wendy. I thought about dressing Kimball up as the crocodile but then we had borrowed a top hat for a different costume party and it hit me, the boys could be John and Michael! Anyway, here's the picture of us all together:

I was really happy too because we hardly had to buy anything to make the costumes; Bethany had the perfect dress, Kimball had the perfect pajamas, Sam wore one of Dave's old white shirts and carried around an umbrella, the pirate stuff we borrowed from my parents...etc, etc. So big bonus for me to not have to spend a lot of money on costumes!

We had a great time doing the trunk or treat, I was really happy the weather was nice, no raining, the sun was out, it was perfect. Although the lack of peanut butter cups was a little disappointing...for me... :)

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Delee said...

I LOVE your costumes! I hope to see you tomorrow. I miss you!