Sunday, October 21, 2012

Project: Boys Room

I feel like we've been working hard to get the house all put together, but then I look around and feel like nothing's done! haha So in the spirit of having SOMETHING done, I thought I'd share some pictures of the boys' room.

It was a project in that all the walls and baseboards and windowsills and everything were painted a bright turquoise, so it took quite a lot of coats to cover it up, then I decided to pull out the carpets (they were so ugly! haha) and put down some plywood to paint. I'd seen on Pinterest some tutorials on painting plywood floors so I figured that would be better than gross old 80's carpet right?! I like it a lot better, but it took some work to do too. :)

The room still isn't done but they're at least not in the downstairs back room (or in our bed in Kimball's case...) and are all set up. Just need to add pictures to the walls and that kind of stuff.

                                     See, I told you it was a lot of turquoise! haha And you can sort of see the ugly carpet here too.

                                 Here it is with the bottom half painted white, and getting ready to do navy up top.

                         Navy up top, and all the carpet ripped out--yes I DID do that all by myself because I am an amazon woman and get things done. I also pulled out all the tack strip (and got poked in the thumb and was worried about tetanus for a couple days but we won't dwell on that...) and all the stupid stinking staples there were a million of! :)

    I painted stripes on the floor, which I really love! Just a fun thing to get to do!

And here it is how it looks right now. Well, not RIGHT now, there's probably toys on the floor RIGHT now, but that other headboard is going to get painted turquoise too (see, I DO like turquoise, just not overwhelmingly so! haha) and of course pictures and whatnot on the walls and curtains and all that. Kind of fun to get to really plan it all out and decorate and do what I want--too bad we don't have more money right or else it would be seriously fantastic!! ;)

5 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Pogue Fam said...

OOOH MY GOSH MELINDA!!! I am SERIOUSLY SOOOOO impressed! I mean, I wouldn't have the guts to rip out carpet, and you DID IT! It looks SOOO freaking amazing, and SOOOO SOOOO much better then that turquoise lol! I am so in love with it, I need to come see it all soon!

Ryan and Heather Bartron said...

Nice work! I love the wide stripes for a boys room.

Delee said...

Amazing! I love the floors!!!

Kathy said...

Love love love the floor! ...and I miss your cute family!

Deon said...

You are an amazing woman!!! And it looks even better in person!!!