Monday, November 26, 2012

A Few Fall Pictures

Some things we've done the last couple months--in pictures! :)

This is a striped wall I finally finished in the girls' room:

Here is everyone as they were dressed up for Halloween:

We had a very short time with the beautiful leaves on this tree before they all fell of and turned brown, but it was so pretty while it lasted and the kids loved playing in the leaves:

My niece Isabel was baptized this month, it was a really special day and we are so proud of her for being baptized. Dave was asked to give a short talk on baptism and he said he cried like three times that night. :) Special times.

The day before Thanksgiving we headed over to Dave's parents to have some pie with them and watch a Christmas movie, it was so fun and nice to spend time with everyone!

Thanksgiving was sort of different this year, all of my siblings were down in Toquerville at my grandparent's house; so it was just my little family at my parents, along with my grandma and my aunt and cousin. We got there early because Dave did the turkey, and spent all day there. It was actually so nice, it didn't feel like we spent all day (you know how when you've been at someone's for awhile and the kids are all going crazy and you know you just gotta get out of there? Never happened! Happy thanksgiving indeed!), the kids were good, my mom had special fun activities for them to do and let them help cook with her, my dad played checkers with the kids, we watched a few movies and just had a good time. I wish we spent more days like that. :)

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AlixSteele said...

I love your costumes and your wall. I thought of making those cute little turkeys out of Oreos too, and then decided that my kids are too little and I'd just be setting myself up for failure. I saw Dave and your kids in the hall at church a few weeks ago and almost stopped and freaked out, but then I remembered that they don't know me, so I kept walking.

Melinda said...

Too funny Alex! Hopefully one of these days we'll run into each other, I would love to catch up with you!!

The UnMighty said...

It worked out well that Thor already had Thor hair.