Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Fancy Party

It was my lovely gal's 10th birthday yesterday and although I'm worn out and still wanting to recuperate from it today, it was a lot of fun! We did a small friend party for Bethany this year--just six girls (and that includes herself, her sister and her cousin), it had been awhile since she had a friend party (I think she was five last time) and since she's at the age where I'm pretty much the worst mom ever (seriously, I just can't win with this child), I figured I would throw her a bone and also throw her a party while I was at it. ;)

We talked about a few different things, like going bowling or roller skating, but it was a little too expensive to take even just a few kids and, well to be honest, I'm cheap. So then I came up with this brilliant idea of doing a fancy lunch and doing fancy hair and makeup and painting fingernails and it would be like a tea party, spa day kind of thing. :) She was on board so we went with it. First up, was the invitations:

(HA! I just looked at this and realized I didn't actually have cupcakes! haha Oh well...)

And then, we got ready for the day! I asked my sister if she would come help, because I wasn't sure how well it would go if I was trying to do hair, and makeup and fingernails for six girls all by myself. ;) She very kindly agreed. I like her.

And we decorated.

And the girls came, so we ate.

And then we did all the fancy stuff, but I was busy then, so no pictures!

And then we opened presents.

It was a good time had by all (thats what I'm hoping at least), they were good girls and all very sweet, if all friend parties could be this nice I would do them more often (maybe). :)
(Don't they look waaaaaaay too grown up?! Yeesh! She's becoming a mini-teenager already!)

3 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Delee said...

So cute! I love that she has already made good friends in our ward!

Pogue Fam said...

SO cute! You are such a fun Mom :) Btw, LOOOOOVE the color in your living room/dining room!

Ransom and Brooke Young said...

Wow! You are SUCH a good mom... I would never attempt a party like that :)