Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Our "big" trip that we took this summer was to Silverwood! We went with David's parents and it was so much fun! We left July 12 and came back that Sunday (the 14th). We spent two days at the park, we tried to split it up, the first day on the rides and the second day at the water park. But we ended up spending more time on the rides, apparently my kids are fine on roller coasters but not so much on water slides. Go figure. :) 
We had a ton of fun going to magic shows and riding trains with gun shows and eating HUGE ice cream cones. The only downer was Kimball falling off a bench and hitting his head, throwing up the rest of the night. :( 
Otherwise, we had a blast! :)

Tons and TONS of photos!:

I tripped running up to the first roller coaster (what a dork--I was excited!!) and scraped my toenail all up! Gross right?! haha

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