Saturday, November 21, 2009

Updating Again

Its been awhile, sorry about that! What can I update you guys on...well, David started a seasonal job at See's Candies this last week, he looks very dashing in his "uniform". hee hee I really need to take a picture so you all can see how awesome it is!
Also we're done with all the Guard testing and are getting ready to sign on Tuesday (I really HATE to say that because it seems like everytime we think we're going to sign, there's more paper work or something comes up and the day gets pushed back, so here's hoping its ACTUALLY tuesday!) And THEN I can finally tell you when Dave's going to Basic Training and everything will start moving for us! He did very well on his first test and scored high enough to do the job he wants to (which is Military Intelligence--no stupid puns please about how thats an oxymoron, I've heard it plenty) and he passed his physical (barely!), although we learned that his hearing isn't that great (I've been saying for years!) and his eyesight isn't perfect anymore (I've been saying for years!) and he's partially color blind (also been saying for YEARS!), but he passed so thats good. He also took a language test to see if he would qualify to learn another language and go down to California but he didn't score high enough to do that. BUT he can retest in six months so thats still an option. I think thats it about that for now...atleast I can't think of anything else! :)
Lots of things to get used to here still, like that it takes FOREVER to drive anywhere around here, the traffic is bad and it rains A LOT. Not that I didn't know that before, just getting used to it again. Trying to get used to have a smaller ward, where Bethany and Maddie are in the same Primary class because there aren't enough kids to have separate classes--its weird! :) Other things going on, besides Thanksgiving, it will be Maddie's birthday next Sunday and she will be FOUR YEARS OLD! Crazy kid, will be four but still wears two year old clothes, sheesh! Bethany's doing good with school, she's handling it really well I think, if I could just get her to stop throwing massive tantrums when she gets home, also sheesh! And Sam's getting bigger and talking more every day, its so fun to watch him talk because everything sounds like a question and he's trying so hard to make sentences, so cute!
Also still really missing everyone so much! So hard to not be able to hang out and see everyone! Hope you all know I've been thinking of you and missing you!

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Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

Sounds like things are moving there, except the traffic. :) I need pictures. Unpack that camera. Sheesh. Just kidding.

Miss you guys too.

Pogue Fam said...

Ok, so your comment about our anniversary had me laughing so hard! Also, I am glad he finally DID sign today :) Military things always take longer than they should... so if you ever want to complain don't hesitate to call. Been there, done that. ALSO, if you ever need something to do or someone to hang out with, just come on over :) I like having you around!