Friday, November 06, 2009

What's Going On?

Its been almost a full week since we got here and we've been pretty busy. David has been putting in applications, going to interviews and talking to the army guard. I think we've done pretty good so far, and it looks like hopefully Dave can get a seasonal job at See's Candy (I know, crazy right?). I really hope he gets it and it all works out! Also, he's supposed to go in on Monday for his first test with the Guard, and I think the next test is on Thursday. We're really hoping and praying he scores well, so your prayers would be much appreciated too!
Bethany finally started school, we got her in on tuesday and then had to turn around and pick her up a few hours later because there was some miscommunication about her peanut allergy. We had to get that all worked out before she could go back, so she started again yesterday. I really think she's doing good, I worry so much that this is going to be so hard on her but she's a friendly girl and seems to be adjusting really well. She really likes her teacher and she said she's already made three friends (although she can't remember their names)! We drove by her school yesterday and saw her playing out on the playground, made me tear up a little to see her out there! (But I'm a little emotional anyway, ya know?)
We miss everyone down there so much, its so weird not to get to stop in at your houses' and say hello! I think we're starting to really settle in and get used to all the changes, but still lots to do and lots to get used to! Oh and get this, I already have an appointment to see the Bishop on Sunday, they must really need the help here! haha Wish me luck that I get an easy calling right? Oh, and I really am starting to feel (i.e. look) pregnant, it's weird. We'll get to find out soon what we're having too, well, ya know, after I get a doctor and insurance all set up...that won't take long will it?

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Bret Bushman Family said...

I am glas you are adjusting and doing good...we sure do miss you.

Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

Crazy it's been a week already. I was thinking of calling you but then realized you don't live here anymore, stink! I should have still called you and I will soon.
But glad things are going well. Good luck with your calling, glad they gave you a week off. :)

Shane & Laina said...

Can't wait to hear about the new calling! Glad to hear all is well. Oh and sorry about the takes me like 10 minutes to compose them, so sometimes I just give up! I'm a little behind the times I guess.

Talk to you soon!