Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter and Such

I hope everyone had a very nice Easter/General Conference weekend! It was wonderful to listen to the Prophet and church leaders, the messages were so uplifting and beautiful! Its too funny that as a kid its all you can do to not fall asleep, and as an adult you look forward to it! I'm about a week and half from my due date, so to say I'm uncomfortable is an understatement! :) My "nesting" stage I think is over, I don't have much of a desire to do anything! But I finally feel like I'm pretty much ready for this baby to get here (I mean, physically I'm totally ready; but now that the crib's together and all that, I'm ready every other way too), I'm excited to see what he looks like and what we might actually name him! Still don't know. Crazy I know! I've been having a lot of pain on my right side, it feels like its one of my ribs, so I talked to the doctor last week and we did some different tests to make sure it wasn't a bladder infection or gallstones. None of the tests came back positive, so thats good. And the pain isn't as bad as it was before, so also good. To test for the gallstones they had to do an ultrasound, so the technician was nice enough to do another baby ultrasound after she checked for the stones. I'm excited because she said this baby has a lot of hair! I would roll over and die if this baby came out with a bunch of dark hair, that would be so awesome! The kids had a lot of fun decorating eggs, and doing Easter egg hunts and eating LOTS and LOTS of candy! Here are some pictures from Easter yesterday:

Talked to David yesterday, he's doing really well and has lost somewhere between 15 and 20 lbs, maybe a little more? He plans to get really skinny by the end of summer! :) Today they started their last big training exercise, "Victory Forge" where they'll be out in the field for four days. After that they'll mostly just be cleaning up and getting ready for graduation (on the 16th). If everything goes well at Victory Forge, he's supposed to get his phone back on Friday, which would be AWESOME! I'm so proud of him, he's really done a great job and accomplished some really hard and NOT fun things! I miss him more than I could think of words for, but I can't deny that this has taught us a lot! A few more pictures of Dave at basic:

(He's the third guy back, if you needed help!) :)

(third guy back again)

(Far right)

I love that whenever Sam see's pictures of guys in camo, he immediately yells, "DADDY!!"
We look forward to the next two weeks, big things happening for us!

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Pogue Fam said...

Cute cute CUTE! Now I just NEED to see a picture of that crib of yours :D Can't wait for tomorrow!

BreAnna said...

Yeah, we look forward to it because we get to sleep! ;D Wow, they even wear their guns to lunch. Don't even think about snitching their bacon if you value your head at all!