Monday, November 01, 2010


These pictures are all backwards but we'll just have to deal with that!! We went to a trunk or treat Saturday night and got very soggy. It was pretty wet out, but still fun. We did a Ghostbuster theme this year--me, Dave and Maddie were Ghostbusters. Bethany was a ghost. Sam was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Kimball was Slimer. It was a LOT of fun!

On Friday we did a fun little party at my parents' house. I dressed up like Betty Boop that night but I couldn't take a picture of myself in the mirror very well, this is the best I've got:
I know it sucks. Taking a picture of yourself in a mirror is harder than you think!

The night was filled with fun halloween food and lots of fun games for the kids, they had a blast!

Kristie's costume was the best! She dressed up as Timmy and it was hysterical! When we first drove up we saw her through the kitchen window and were like "Is that dad? I don't think so...Is it Timmy? No, they're too short...WHO IS THAT?!" Well, it was Kristie. Every time I'd see her out of the corner of my eye, I'd have to do a double take! haha
This is her cheesy Timmy grin--spot on!

She's holding up her finger because Timmy smashed his finger a few weeks ago and its all bruised on the end, so she even made her finger looked bruised to match! Clever girl!

This is Timmy's reaction to seeing her the first time, it was awesome!

We also went to Dave's parents for dinner Sunday with lots of yummy food and treats, like caramel apples and homemade peppermint patties! It was a crazy and busy weekend but we had such a good time, made out like robbers on the candy and enjoyed having fun with our family most of all! Hope you had a very fun Halloween as well!

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Pogue Fam said...

So cute! And I agree, Kristie's costume is awesome! I had to read your post to know who it actually was lol. So now that the craziness is over... lets hang out.

Delee said...

You always have the best costume ideas! Why don't we ever get together?? Becasue I keep losing your phone number! That's it I'm calling your mother to get your number and having you and Kristie over for a playdate. :)

Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

Oh girl!!! That was an awesome idea. I am not so good with the family ideas. I am glad you guys had fun. Sorry I have been hit and miss posting. I have just been trying to hang in there, ya know. Love ya and miss you.

also known as shell said...

TEE HEE!!! I love TIMMY!!! I love your betty boop!!! It is hard taking a picture of yourself in the mirror! I wish there was some sort of tripod and remote for self picture taking.