Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Decorations

I've had my Christmas decorations up for a little bit now, and I thought it would be fun to put some pictures up. I still have one or two more projects I want to do and maybe I'll add pictures of them if they turn out cute! :) We did a smaller tree this year because of Kimball, he's practically walking now and is definitely into EVERYTHING. So we decided to get a smaller tree to put up on the table, its fun to see the decorations closer together, I think if we get a bigger tree, I'm going to have to get more decorations so it stays this full! :) These pictures are all over the place, thats what happens when you upload with blogger, they're all out of order!

I really love the red and candy apple green together and I love the sparkle!

These are right by the front door, I think my kids like getting into them more than anything else.

So I have these in the kitchen too. I like candy canes! :)

I've been hanging our Christmas cards from a ribbon on our back door, I love seeing them!

The kids and I made a whole bunch of snowflakes and hung them in the windows, theres some in the last picture (with the sliding door) but you can't see them very well through the blinds.

All my angels!

Thought it was fun to put a ribbon around my fun thrift store mirror.

On top of the computer hutch, notice the candy jar is mostly empty. Thats from me. :)

I took some ornaments and put them under my cake stand and added some berries and ribbon.

My Christmas village, I love this and hope to add to it someday.

Pretty much the only nativity I have, I can't find my big one! :(

I love the beautiful gift boxes I've gotten!

This is a music box and my kids LOVE winding it up and listening to it.

A wreath I made, kinda pretty!

Here's some of the tree decorations:

With a random picture of the village again :)

One of my favorite ornaments: the pickle. Look it up!

2 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Ransom and Brooke Young said...

You're so crafty! Everything looks SO good! I'm impressed :)

Shane & Laina said...

Beautiful!!! I love seeing the way other people decorate. Great job!
I got your letter and picture today...thanks so much. I did realize that the address I sent yours to did not match the one on your envelope. Maybe that was Davids parents. I'll check with you in a couple days and see if you got it:)