Saturday, December 11, 2010

Maddie turns FIVE

Just a few days after Thanksgiving was Madelyn's fifth birthday--I know, I know, I say this A LOT but I'll say it again: TIME KEEPS FLYING BY!! I can't believe my little girl is already five, its insane!

She is such a funny girl, the way she thinks about things cracks me up! We can be talking about something like listening to our parents and after awhile Maddie will pop in with something like "Yeah because its cold outside, we need to be good." in her tiny whisper voice; and we're all like "HUH?!" and she'll just be like "WHAT?!" Its great, I love that she's in her own head and she's creative and she just reminds me of a free spirit. We often say that she's in 'Maddie Land' because she's not paying attention to whats going on and is spacing out, its a crack up. She loves to do art projects, she painted a little piggy bank the other day and was really meticulous about how it looked. She gets stubborn and whiney as well, and has the most heart breaking cry. Its not just a little pout even if somethings small, its like her whole world has fallen apart every time she cries (which somedays feels like a LOT). :) She's a really slow eater, she'll finish everything on her plate but it will literally take her hours. She's the best crazy dancer in the family and we're so lucky to have her!

A cake I decorated for her, thought it was fun!

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Ransom and Brooke Young said...

wow! Beautiful cake! You're so talented!