Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lots more Stuff

Shame on me! I haven't blogged in forever and I just have not felt like doing it at all! I haven't been too busy but I haven't been doing nothing either. I've been working on some projects (painting a picture, painting a dresser, organizing clothes) and I've been working on a slideshow for my mom for a Relief Society social thing, I've been reading books, I've been taking kids to dentist appointments, it snowed last week, I took baby pictures for my cousin, taught Relief Society, went on a date last Friday, taking care of my kids of course, and trying to exercise every day (except for the last two)...

Wow. It sounds sort of busy when I list it all out like that! haha

If you want to see the baby pictures, here's a link to my "photography" blog (I know, I'm so lame).

Me and Dave have been doing the "Insanity" work out the last 3 weeks and we're both getting sort of frustrated with it. It is SERIOUSLY hard. I have never sweated so much in my life, EVERY work out is like that, and yet we're not really getting any results. I'm not expecting to be perfect, but not one pound lost? Its hard to keep killing yourself every day when nothing seems different. Hoping to get my motivation back soon! (Plus both our ankles have started hurting pretty good and that doesn't help either. I know, excuses, excuses.)

Here's some pictures from us in the snow:

Here's a little story for ya, I said I was painting a picture, its just sort of a fun decoration kind of picture (a silhouette of a birdcage) I got done and wasn't sure if I liked it or wanted to add to it or what, but I set it on the floor leaning against the wall. Kimball is in to EVERYTHING right now and knocked the picture over so it was face down on the ground, next to the wall. Maddie decided she needed to walk on it. Yes, stepped right in the middle of it and shattered the glass. I was SO MAD! haha Here's some pictures of that:

p.s. Its not done. I am going to add some other stuff to it so its not so stark.

Anyway, thats about all the energy I have now to blog. See ya next time!

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Ransom and Brooke Young said...

are you kidding!? How could you call yourself anything but busy when you have a husband and 4 kids!? And cute picture by the way!

Delee said...

Kids make it that you can'e have anything nice. I like the picture!I have found replacement glass at the thrift store before. I found a really ugly frame with the size of glass I needed and bought it for cheap and then threw away the frame... just an idea.