Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update Time

I don't even know what to update you on! Its been busy and not busy. I feel like time is doing that funny thing where it feels slow and fast all at the same time!

The weather has been making crazy, its super rainy and windy some days and other days the sun peaks out and teases me. I've been pulling the blinds up and letting as much sun in as possible on those days! I haven't been getting very much sleep, because Kimball is doing that sleeping good one night, sleeping horrible two nights thing. Its exhausting.

Bethany started doing activity days but has only had one happen so far (cancelled for various reasons), she has one tonight and she's so excited about it. I love it, but its sad to see her being so grown up sometimes! Sometimes its really fun and I'm amazed at how beautiful and grown up she is, but then she starts whining and crying over something silly and I remember she's just eight. And then I hope that she won't be a horrible teenager. :)

I can't believe Maddie's going to be starting Kindergarden this next year, but I think she'll have such a good time. That is if she talks loud enough for the teacher to hear her! She's still so little, but I guess she's actually growing because some of her pants are getting really short. :)

Sam is getting so big and says the funniest stuff! Recently he's started calling me "captain" or "soldier" and he just comes up with the funniest (and naughtiest) stuff! He cracks me up and makes me want to eat his cheeks.

Kimball is getting into EVERYTHING. He's started climbing up on things, like stools or toys or whatever he can, we've had to RE-baby proof but he's still constantly getting into stuff. Monday he got into one of the cupboards and pulled my stacked up glass pyrex baking bowls down off the shelf and SHATTERED them everywhere. It was a lot of glass and he got a little piece in his foot, I haven't cleaned up that much glass in a LONG time. He's also super smart! haha The other day I asked him where his play phone was and he turned around and picked it right up and put it to his ear, he found a headband on the floor and put it right on his head and when we say "dance Kimball!!" he really does start dancing--its adorable! He makes great faces too, but the one thing he's started doing I REALLY don't like is SCREAM. He's doing this high pitched scream whenever he wants something or wants attention, I hate it.

Dave is going to be doing a lot of training this year, so he'll be traveling quite a bit. By the end of this month he'll be in Washington D.C. Then he'll be going to Chicago and another trip to Washington D.C. after that. Most of August he'll be in Korea too. Its exciting and fun for him, but I have to say I'm a little jealous, I wish I was going too!

I was just called as the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society, I'm excited about it! I mean, in a "overwhelmed, I don't know what I'm doing" kind of way! haha It will be a great experience, I know it. We're also still looking at moving, just trying to find the right price, in the right area, at the right time! Its not as easy as it sounds. ;)

Well, I think thats about it for now, hopefully I'll get back into blogging when the sun start shining, and I'm hoping thats REAL soon!

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