Friday, May 13, 2011

Argh, its a Lot!

Okay, its been a long time. I think the longest I've ever gone updating this blog! Its hard once you get behind it feels overwhelming to go back and try and do all the stuff you've missed! Hmmmm, what have I not told you about the last month or so?

Let's see, I could add a couple pictures from my birthday. David took his first work trip to Washington DC. And then there's Easter and Kimball's birthday, baby blessings, did a little photography, Jim & Kay came to visit, a Cinco De Mayo party and Mother's Day...and I don't know, lots of other little stuff. So in an effort to get back on top of things, I'm just going to add a bunch of random pictures. :)

This is from my birthday, Dave got a pinata and we hit the candy out of him! haha

This is his hotel room in Washington DC, I added more pictures from his trip on my other blog. (

Just a few pictures from Easter:

Jim and Kay's visit, we went to Point Defiance and it was actually a nice day!

(Jim picking a flower for Maddie)

Cinco De Mayo party, we all wore mustaches. Yes even me. I looked so gross. hahaha

This was the pansy plant they gave all the women at church Sunday for Mother's Day.

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Ryan and Heather Bartron said...

I know what you mean about getting behind! It gets really overwhelming! I feel the same way about writing in my journal. I love the Cinco de Mayo mustaches!

Pogue Fam said...

Yay :D I've been horrible at updating too... mostly cuz all I do right now is whine hahahahaha :) I wanna see a pic of you with a mustache!