Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sam's Birthday

So Sam had his third birthday earlier this month! He was so excited to open presents and tell everyone that he's three now! He's very into the "Cars" cars and boy did he get spoiled! He got a bunch of knew cars and fun toys! It was so fun to see him so excited opening presents, and playing and being such a big boy! He's saying the funniest things every day and I just love it, he's saying BIG words now, like someone's not "allowed" something, earlier he was trying to say coyote and it sounded more like "key-odie"--so cute! I love the way he purse's his lips when he talks and gives me sly looks out the corner of his eye, he's such a funny kid. He's been really friendly to other kids lately too--I was working on a project in the garage with the door open so the kids were playing in the driveway, a neighbor girl ran up to us and started asking questions. Sam looked at her for a minute, and then said, "Hey! Come chase me!!" and ran away, so she did! It was killing me! One of his nursery teachers told me there was a new little boy in nursery and Sam came right up and said, "I'm three! Do you want me to come to your house to play?" hahaha And earlier today we went to the ocean and a little boy was playing next to us, so Sam turned and waved at him and said his name was Sam, I just love that he's so friendly!

Here's a couple pictures from his big day:

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