Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh Yeah, its March Already!

Wow. I guess February took up a little more brain power than I wanted, because I haven't blogged in FOREVER! Sheesh.

A quick re-cap on the wedding: I think it turned out really fun and everyone had a great time!

The sealing was really special for me, I loved getting to be in the Temple surrounded by family and friends, it was so neat!

It was a crazy weekend, busy and tons to do, but I hope it was everything Brenda wanted and she loved it!

I did get to take some pictures of Brenda and Blake a few days before the wedding, if you want to see them (and the other photography projects I've been up to) you can go to my photography blog: Cherry Blossom Photography to check them out!

My brother and his wife Tamsyn came up for the wedding and blessed their baby girl the next day, so that was super fun and awesome to have everyone here for! I took some pictures of baby Lara too (go to that link, you can see! haha), and was just so happy to get to love and cuddle her, such a sweet baby!

I loved getting to have family around, and I loved getting to dress up and see everyone dressed up, it was great fun!

The rest of the month? I don't even remember. :)

Here's hoping I can stay on the blogging wagon now! It is my birthday coming up, and I have a special sort of bucket list I'm trying to make to do this next year before I turn 30, so I'll be blogging about that soon!

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