Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ending My 20's with a Bang

So its my birthday Saturday. Yeah, I know, makes your day pretty exciting just anticipating it right?! I knew it.

So last year about this time my friend Debbie was getting ready to turn 29 and was asking advice on a list she was making. She wanted to make a list of 30 things to do before she turned 30, I loved the idea and thought it was really fun! So now this year is here, the year that I turn 29 and I have been making a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.

Unfortunately this isn't a magic list that grants me money and time and everything I could ever dream of. Also unfortunately when I asked my friends on Facebook what they would suggest, they thought my list was magic and gave me money because they mostly suggested things that aren't really feasible for me to do in one year. As much as I would like to travel out of the country, or go on a cruise or go to Disneyland or...go a whole day wasn't necessarily as helpful as I wanted. You'd think after 64 comments, I'd have my whole list of things to do, but no, my friends just think they're soooooo funny. ;)

Anyway, after people coming up with such awesome big plans, maybe my list will seem dumb and a little silly, who knows? But when coming up with my list, I tried to have a balance of things that would help me be a better person, things I've been wanting to work on, things that will help my family, things I'm interested in hobby wise, things I thought sounded fun and most importantly: things that I felt were actually possible in achieving this year. :)

So without any more explanation, here's the list I came up with:

30 before 30
1- Learn to play the guitar
2- Exercise 3 times a week or complete "Insanity"
3- Finish 1 craft project a month
4- Buy our first house
5- Go to Forks
6- Run a 5k
7- Watch 30 classic movies
8- Go to VooDoo Donuts
9- Homemake everyone's Christmas presents
10- Donate blood (plasma maybe?)
11- Grow hair out--no cutting at all!
12- Paint 3 paintings
13- Decorate a cake for each birthday
14- Take the kids hiking this summer
15- Find a waterfall
16- Go on a date once a month
17- Go to the Temple once a month
18- Be a 100% visiting teacher
19- Advance my "photography business"/ get paid for a big event
20- Do 3 photography trips/ creative shoots/ outdoor shoots
21- Yell less/ be more patient
22- Keep an organized calendar & dinner menu (no procrastinating!)
23- Have an all girl's themed party
24- Go to a concert
25- Make a slideshow/movie for each kid
26- Get new family pictures taken
27- Stick to a budget
28- Make more friends/ have more playdates
29- Decorate new house on a budget/ document it on blog
30- Have a big birthday bash!

2 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Delee said...

We are getting old. Good luck with your list. I love the idea!

Pogue Fam said...

Ok... I purpose something. Lets train for, and run, that 5k together. I'd like to do it too :)(Heck... we might even do a 10k..? ya think?!) Then we can go to voodoo donughts on the way home from said 5k. I also shall hire you this spring or fall to do more family pics for us... thus completing one of your photo shoot goals. Hows that for being awesome?! Deal?!