Friday, July 20, 2012

Sam turns FOUR!

My last post was Kimball's birthday, the next birthday is Sam's! Unfortunately we didn't really do anything big (or is it just too far back that I can't remember??) but either way, I didn't take any pictures so I don't know. This is the only picture I have from Sam's birthday:

Sweet yes, special for the day of his

Anyway the best I can do then, is to tell a little about this sweet boy.

First up, he's a talker. (Maybe he's the reason Kimball doesn't talk?!) I mean seriously though, this kid doesn't shut up. Its mostly questions he asks, question after question after QUESTION!!! I'm going to be honest, it drives me a little crazy (mostly because the questions are ridiculous and/or don't make any sense and he repeats the same questions over and over just sometimes using different words--oh, and whoever said there are no stupid questions is a liar...)--BUT this is who he is right now and I love him, so I love his inquisitiveness.

He is unpredictable. If there are friends over or someone visiting, I have NO IDEA how this kid is going to react, some days he's shy. Some days he's absolutely insane. Some days he's SOOO excited and won't leave the people alone. Other days he's sweet and quiet. I wish I could get him to settle on the non crazy days but I have no idea how it works in his brain. :)

He's can be very sensitive. If we watch any kind of movie where there's a problem with a kid and/or their mom, we'll hear a little boy softly sobbing in the corner. Its heart breaking! The other day we were watching a little slideshow I'd made of Kimball's baby pictures, and he was laughing one minute, and then the next I looked down at him and he was tearing up and said "this is making me sad!" when I asked him why he said because Kimball was so cute as a baby. :)

Poor kid has the worst allergies. He's been having a rough time this summer, itchy eyes and nose and really uncomfortable. I feel bad he has to go through that starting so young!

He likes to pinch the fatty part of the back of my arm when he's sleepy. (I hate this.) (And his dad tells him he's not allowed to do this anymore.)

He loooooves The Avengers. A LOT. We have watched every kind of Avengers cartoon you can think of. Its crazy. (But deep down, I kind of love it too.)

He's started dressing himself. He thinks that if its the same color it matches, so all orange is the way to go. Or if he has on plaid shorts that have a stripe of brown in them, his mustard shirt with a brown stripe is all good. But his most favorite outfit is his red shirt and red plaid shorts, he wants to wear them EVERY day.

He finds as many excuses as he possibly can to not go to bed at night.

He doesn't like potatoes. Including mashed potatoes and FRENCH FRIES. For real, whats wrong with this kid?! :)

Most of all, I love Sam for his funny, sweet only Sam is him personality, I mean how could you not love this face?! :

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Kathy said...

I loved this post! He is the cutest little kid. ALL your kids are the cutest little kids! Enjoy them and their little quirkiness's.

Pattie said...

Such a cutie! Owen hates potatoes, too....french fries and potato chips included.