Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Back To School So My Dad Will Think I'm Cool

I'm just going to have to accept defeat on trying to catch up. If I think of all the stuff we did this summer and trying to blog all of it, I might just curl up in a ball and suck my thumb for awhile. Instead I'm going to just blog about today.

Today was the first day of school, and unlike other years, we don't even actually live in the school district we're going to. That sounds weird I know, and believe me, its a weird situation. One I'd rather not be in, but you know, I don't have control over many things. Like I've mentioned previously, we're trying to buy a house; a stupid, stupid house. We had a closing date of last week, a few days BEFORE school was supposed to start. So since things seemed to be pretty solid, we enrolled the kids in school in Puyallup. Then just a few days before we were supposed to close, we got a phone call about a hiccup in our plan. So without going into a lot longer story, we aren't supposed to close now until the 20th of September. Just over two weeks after the start of school. So guess who's driving her kids back and forth every day?? This girl. I don't even know how I feel about this anymore. Except maybe nauseous.

So today I got up early and dropped my boys off at Grandma's and drove 20 minutes out to the new school. The girls had been saying how excited they are, but this morning the nerves set in. Maddie was tearing up just getting out of the car. I was in knots. We got there and were told to wait in lines to be let in to their classes. Maddie's line is on one side of the line up and Bethany's is waay down at the other end. I felt SO BAD having to leave Bethany standing there by herself. It was just making me so upset, I was ready to cry right then. Let me tell you, I hate being the parent that cries! haha I think school is wonderful, I know my kids will love it, I love the one and one I get to spend with the littler kids, I LOVE the break from the constant bickering between all four. ;) But that first day when you have to walk away and leave them, not knowing how things are going to go, can just be heart wrenching! So anyway, I ended up running back and forth between the two classrooms, trying to get everyone settled and feeling good. I was less worried about Bethany, but just her looking up at me with those worried eyes trying to be strong and brave was again, making me a big ol' mess! :) Gosh I love that girl. Then when Maddie's teacher said it was time for the parents to go, she started crying and I couldn't even help myself, I started crying to. It was just so dang sad! And the thought that I had to drive so far away, that I couldn't even get there quick if I needed to wasn't helping. I finally got her settled down and walked out (feeling like a loser because I'm all blotchy and ridiculous), I called Dave and bawled about how hard it was.

Of course, when I picked them up they were so excited and happy and both had awesome days. Which makes me so happy, and makes me feel better about taking them back tomorrow. Why doesn't anyone tell you how hard this parenting stuff is?! ;) They really liked their teachers and spent the whole way home telling me all about the fun things they did and what they liked.

Anyway, I'll wrap this up with some pictures. Here's a couple from the Fashion Show we did with the cousins a week or so ago (this is just a few, there were many more! haha):

And here's the pictures I got from their first day, I can't believe my babies are growing up so fast! :

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Delee said...

I understand how you feel. I hope they have a great school year! I am so excited you're moving near us!

Kathy said...

This is a great blog. I think because you say things that most parents feel but don't say. Remind me to tell you about the time I stood in the hall with my 2nd graders' teacher, crying as the bell rang and all the kids filed out into the hall. THAT was an attractive sight! P.S.Your girls look darling!