Sunday, June 09, 2013

Bethany's Recital

Like I said in the last post, after Chambers Bay was Bethany's piano recital. She's been taking piano lessons for over a year now from her Grandpa Keith, and this is her second recital. She's coming along a little at a time, she would be doing a whole lot better if I could ever get her to practice! *sigh* I can relate, I never wanted to practice either. :/ Its funny though because she wants to play everything! There was a musical number in church today with a violin and she leans over and says she wants to learn that too! I told her she won't be moving on to other instruments until she can practice the ones she's already learning! ;) Funny girl.

We're so thankful for Grandpa Keith though, who takes the time to drive out to our house every week, who's patient and kind with how he teaches her. I love that she gets to learn from him! So sweet!

Waiting her turn to play...nervous!

My sister and brother-in-law came to watch, it was so nice of them to come! Plus they kept my kids entertained! Score!

 This is Anne, she's Keith's piano teacher. We like to say she's like the grandparent teacher to Bethany.

 All done! She did it and did a really good job! There was one song she played that she had the hardest time with it clicking, so proud of her for sticking to it!

                  And this is where Dave dropped Kimball on his head in the middle of the recital! :P

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