Saturday, June 08, 2013

Chambers Bay

If you know me at all, you should know that I LOVE the ocean. I love the beach. I love sand and seashells and driftwood. I love the smell, I love the sounds. Oh I love the ocean! So last weekend Dave had drill which usually means my weekends are shot, but we decided not to waste it and headed down to Chambers Bay. Bethany had a piano recital that evening at Grandma's house and Chambers isn't too far, so we thought it would be fun to head down there before. Our biggest problem was we didn't plan on how hot it would be, and we were sweating pretty good. And I didn't bring any water. Because I'm a bad mom. So we didn't stay as long as I would have liked, but I did bring the most important thing: a grocery bag, for me to put my shells and driftwood in... ;)

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