Friday, August 16, 2013

Seattle For the Day

This last weekend our Primary did an activity where we went up to the Temple grounds as a family and walked around to different points on the grounds and talked about the Temple. It was really sweet and fun and I'm glad we did it! Afterwards we all went over to a park near the Temple and had a picnic lunch. We'd been talking all summer about going up to Seattle and doing some fun things up there and since we'd be there for the Primary activity why not spend the day in Seattle??

I'll tell you why you should NOT spend a very sunny, nice day on a SATURDAY in Seattle: its CROWDED! hahaha

We ended up only going to Pike Place Market and the gum wall because after that we were so tired from fighting the crowds and driving in traffic we just wanted to go home! haha It was still fun and a sort of adventure and now we know better! ;)

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