Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A New School Year

Like everyone else, I gotta get our back to school pictures up! We now have three kids in school, although one's just half day kindergarten so I feel like my day is split up in three hour increments. :) The girls are old pro's now and just got on the bus and were off to school. I'm glad that they feel comfortable, it helps ease any worries I might have. Sam told me all morning that he was so excited to go to school, and only had one moment when the teacher started walking them into the classroom where he looked up at me with panicky eyes and grabbed my arm (which sort of broke my heart) but he went just fine and did great! I didn't cry (only real fast later when my sister called and asked how things went) ;) and I'm happy he's learning and growing and doing big kids things, why does it feel like he's aged 10 years now?! Look at him in those pictures--its nuts! :)

We also had our annual back to school fashion show, which the kids were really excited about, Bethany was asking me almost every day when we could do it and Sam was super happy to finally get to join in!

Fashion show:

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