Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gotta love Family!

Man! Wish I'd taken some pictures last night, but I know Kay did so maybe she'll send me some! My cousin Jill and her husband and adorable twin boys are in town visiting, so last night we got together with my Aunt and Uncle's family and had a BBQ and laughed and the kids played outside on the tramp and the toys, and even some of the men had a pretty good time playing with the kids stuff! :) It was SO nice to get together and eat and talk and relax, I'm just so happy we have such wonderful family near us. I really think it would make being away from our family so much harder, but I'm so happy that Jim and Kay have been so good to include us and treat us so well! I just love them so much, they're awesome! It goes to show if we'd never moved away from home, we wouldn't of had the chance to get to know other people in our family and have such good relationships! So there can be some really good things that come out of hard situations! Thanks again to Jim and Kay and their kids for being so wonderful to us--we surely love you!

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Delee Cox said...

I'm so jealous! I love our family, too! I really miss being near all of you!