Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well, this weekend has been busy and eventful as usual! Friday was fun because my brother was engaged this week and he and his fiance drove down here to go back to school in Rexburg. So we got to say hi and they were so fun to let me take some engagement pictures of them. We're *super* excited for them and can't wait for Tamsyn to join our family! My girls already love her and can't stay away from her, I think its cute, hopefully its not too annoying for her! :) After that, we went over to my cousin's to have another family get together before my cousin Jill went back home to Arizona. Her and her husband just recently adopted twin boys (2 years old!) and it was so fun to see all these two year olds running around together playing! It would be AWESOME if they could move up here, we'll keep our fingers crossed that someday they will! Yesterday, I had a Lia Sophia Rally up in Sandy, it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot--there were a ton of good idea's and pointers, and they fed us lunch so you can't beat that! :) I got home close to 3 o'clock, and we headed up to Costco after that, gotta love those churros (sp?) and really after Costco, we just hung out for the rest of the night watching movies, it was nice to relax for awhile! So besides not being able to sleep at night (at ALL!) and having this stupid sinus cold (for a week now!--by the way my eardrum burst the other night, lovely...) we're doing pretty good! One month left until this baby is born! Whoo hoo!!

I had to add this one, after playing all day, this is how my girls fell asleep Friday night! Too sweet huh?

Maddie and her new cousin Tyson! Can you tell they were having so much fun!

This is my brother and his fiance Tamsyn! Aren't they adorable together?!

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Shane & Laina said...

So fun, oh wait, not the cold and burst ear drums and all. It's so fun to have family visit. I love the picture of Maddie and Bethany cute, what a priceless picture! Good job.

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

I am so sorry to hear that your ear drum burst...that is so painful, you poor thing. I think when your pregnant than you should be able to not get sick at all during that time. What a bummer to be so sick and pregnant at the same time. I am really sorry, I hope by now it is feeling better. Hang in there...this too shall pass.