Monday, April 07, 2008

My Maddie

I'll have to post some pictures later, but I just have to say that Maddie is my sunshine! That kid just makes me so happy--she's been so funny today! She loves her easter basket (its more of a bucket), I think mostly because it had a bunch of candy in it! But now that the candy's gone, she likes to walk around with it on her head! haha And just in general she's been talking a TON and she says the cutest things! She was looking at a Snow White book and there's a picture where she's laying on the ground in the forest and Maddie looks at me and says so sweetly "Mama, Snow White is dead." I had to laugh so hard and tell her she was just crying. But anyway, I could go on and on but I'm just so thankful for her and how much she brings to our family! and p.s. I don't want this to sound like I don't love Bethany, I do so much too!
(here are the pictures from yesterday, if you notice she's wearing different clothes, its her new big thing to go get in her clothes and find something new to put on! usually a dress!)

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Shane & Laina said...

I have to agree that Maddie is adorable. I think the size of Maddie (and Allee) makes me forget how old they really are, so when they talk like they are so big, it's ever cuter. Last time I heard Maddie talking I was blown away!!!