Saturday, March 14, 2009

And What a Week It Was!

Alright, I finally decided I needed to get these pictures up and done with! So here are the random pictures of our week last week (well, the parts without the barfing atleast).

First up is Bethany. She got to go to a birthday part last Saturday and received in a goodie bag some silly puddy. While playing Mario Kart, she decided to make herself a mustache like Mario and played her whole race like that. Very funny to watch, especially when it started falling off! :)

Number two on the list, the freak snow fall we had last Monday. This picture is just from the very beginning, it came down fast and furious and within half an hour the ground was covered! By today though, it was beautiful outside, even rather warm I'd say! No more snow already!

These next two are from Church last Sunday, the girls brought home these special papers from Primary, where they filled in the blanks about me. I had a pretty rough day Monday (what with the barfing and no sleep, did I mention that?) and when I read their answers it really helped cheer me up!

(if you can't quite make it out, it says "I appreciate the way you do laundry. I love it when you cook macaroni. Thank you for teaching me the Gospel." Awwwwww!)

(I think you can read these just fine.) :)

And the best part of last week (ya know, besides the barfing)?! Sam started walking all by himself! And even since that first night, he's gotten better and better, quite amazing little man he is!


This really was quite a crazy week, with Mutual on Tuesday, a staff meeting and Relief Society dinner on Wednesday, a camp meeting on Thursday and we went to the Temple last night, on top of the normal stuff. Sheesh, I'm pooped. :)

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Tamsyn and Bryce said...

Awe... I am so glad that you didn't keep us waiting to long for this post! It is very cute! I love how happy Sam looks when he is walking to you!

sherbugs said...

I think Maddie has the neatest handwriting I've ever seen! I love what the girls wrote, they sure are sweet. Yeah for Sammy...when they start walking it's hard to call them "babies" anymore :( he's grown so fast!

Sally Young said...

Your kids are so cute.

Pogue Fam said...

You did have a busy week! Get a nap in there soon... doesn't that sound good? And way to go Sam! Addie is getting there too :)

Lorie said...

What a week! And those letters are so precious!