Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pack Rats Unite!

We're spring cleaning this week. Well, we wanted to spring clean and sort of started, but then it snowed. And you just can't spring clean if its not spring-like outside! Right? Right!

One thing I did get done though? I took ALL of our DVD's and alphabetized them and threw all the cases out and put them in cd books! So now ALL the space the DVD cases took up (five garbage bags full--I know, crazy!) are now contained into two cd books--FANTASTIC!! Love it!!! The only thing that I don't love about it, is if we get a new movie, I have to move all of them down one--BAD!! So, learn from my mistake if you ever want to do this:
a. Don't alphabetize them--WHAT?! That's not an option!
b. leave a space at the end of each page for adding new movies.
c. I'm sure you could come up with something even more clever, but I can't think of anything else!

Other things we're halfway done with for the spring cleaning? Going through EVERYONE's clothes! I'm done, David's done, Maddie's done. Now we just have to go through Bethany's clothes and Sam's. Phew, feels good not to have to cram clothes into dresser's anymore! Besides the fact that I got rid of clothes I've had since the tenth grade--TENTH grade people! I don't know why I still had those clothes, but getting rid of them felt so good! (I really am not a huge pack rat, I just kept getting this nagging feeling that if I got rid of all those clothes then I'd have NOTHING TO WEAR! And that would be horrible! haha But then I decided I would rather wear things I LIKED all the time, instead of having full drawers of clothes I never wear. There you go, stuff you never cared to know about me!) :)

So lots of other things on my list, but atleast we're getting started! How about you, what are you wanting to purge from your house?

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Pogue Fam said...

I'm soooo with you on this one. I am on a cleaning spree since I don't want to move ANY junk into my new house. First was hall closets, craft closets, then bathroom drawers and girls clothes.... you get the idea. Good for you :) Once you get started its hard to stop!

Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

Oh girl. I love to purge on stuff. i just feel so good once things have been gone through and I no longer have that burden anymore. So ngood for you. It feels good doesn't it.

Melain said...

I am a regular purger. Is that a word? I would love to toss all my husband's computer rubbish out the window, but I'm too kind hearted.

When you move here, you've got yourself an insta-friend. We'll have lunch dates and go to drag shows and you'll have the best hair you've ever had in your life. :)

Melinda said...

Megan, I'm with you, if we ever move I'm going to be getting rid of tons of stuff, how does it accumulate so fast?!
Shanna, it really does feel good, and I'm happy its starting to look awesome instead of that really bad stage when you're going through it all, ya know?
Sounds just about perfect Melain! (Don't worry everyone, we're not moving, Melain lives in Washington and if we ever move back she's going to be my best friend, awesome yes?!)

sherbugs said...

I gave up on organizing my movies, kids just pull them all out. My cousin solved this problem by buying a 400 DVD player/holder thingie. No more cases or nasty fingerprints or scratches and also no more money after buying the stinkin thing! I love the end of cleaning...just hate all the steps to get there :)

Kerrilyn said...

I just got rid of tons of clothes!! I was pretty sad about it though....they were all still so cute, but just didn't fit anymore. I kept them for a while because I was afraid I would fit into them again and then I decided that was dumb. I still have a few things to go through now that the season is about to change. Good idea on the DVD's. That would never work at my house.....IF the boys put them back they would never do it alphabetically and then I would have to beat them.