Monday, October 05, 2009

Quitting, Sales and Kitty Cats!

I hadn't posted this week because I've been busy!! I wish I'd been more organized, but Shanna and I decided to have a yard sale this last Saturday. So I spent some time getting stuff out and ready for that, even though it was sort of a bust. With the weather being so cold, the road work along our street and Conference, I think it just was working against us! But whether we sold stuff or not, it was good to get rid of all this extra stuff cluttering our house! I'm still finding more stuff I could have gotten rid of, but it will happen! Also Saturday as we were getting stuff out of the shed, we heard a little "meow! meow!!" in there, and found a brand new little abandoned kitten! I didn't take pictures of it but it looked something like this:

Except little-er and fuzzier! Cute huh?

Well, I tried to feed it some milk and keep it warm, but eventually we had to call some people to come take care of it, I was really afraid it was going to starve to death. Plus we don't need a cat. :)

Other things going on? I gave my notice at work! There's a lot of stuff up in the air we're trying to plan, so when things become more concrete, I'll fill you in better. (I feel so mysterious! Actually, I just don't like to share news that can potentially not happen.) :)

So I have today off, and I'm planning on going to the Star Mill since I've never been there, and I have a project I want to do that I can hopefully find stuff there! I've been feeling so crafty lately! I wish I had the time and energy (and money!) to do all the things I want to! Hopefully when I'm at home all day, I can get a LOT more stuff done! Yay for that!

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Pogue Fam said...

OOoh, what a cute kitty! And I hope all your plans continue going well :) Its crazy, life is! I am always the kind of gal to blab everything, then a day later have to delete the stupid post cuz things change.... so I think your smarter than me.

BreAnna said...

Oh cute! I love kitties! Were your kids sad about it? :(