Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yup, You Guessed it: MORE PACKING!

Hey, its me again. I don't know why I'm even posting, not like I can give you any new information; more like: Hey, still packing! And thats about it.

It's Saturday, so that means Dave's mom gets here on Tuesday and his dad on Wednesday! Just a few more days left to pack and clean and load up the u-haul and we're gone! Its so crazy to think about--I think my head's gonna explode!

I do have to say I'm so thankful for nice friends and family who are willing to help out, I hate asking for help, I really do, so I'm especially grateful for the people who've been there for us! I got my first taste of missing people yesterday too; my good friend left for a trip and wouldn't be back before we left, so I had to say goodbye. It was so hard! I was hoping I could skip all those sad feelings and just be excited to be home, but no, it still hurts!

Once we get up there it will be easier right?!

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Pogue Fam said...

Well, once you get here, you guys will have to come hang out. We can do a game night with Timmy and Kristie, and that will make things easier... I hope :) And by the way, SOOO stinkin funny that I made Lee call Dave hahaha. I totally spaced on what that post was about and was all "Um, Lee, I think you should call Dave" hahahaha.... so funny.

Vanessa said...

Oh my we moved 4 months ago, just thinking about it makes me cringe, I hate moving with a passion!!
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