Monday, October 12, 2009

Ya'll Ready for This?!

Today is the day! Today I am FINALLY going to tell you all my news and plans! Are you so exciting you just might wet your pants?! Probably not yet, but after you hear it, that just might happen! So be careful!

First up, if you've been thinking at all what "big news" we might have, you might have come up with us moving (since we've been talking about it for awhile now, and almost did awhile back). Well, if you came up with that, YOU'D BE RIGHT!! But I bet you didn't guess that we'd be moving in about TWO WEEKS! Yes thats right people, we are moving before Halloween, and I'm feeling a little crazed, so watch out! (Oh, by the way, we're moving up to Washington, if you hadn't guessed.)

Other news, David's joining the military. Did you see that one coming? Once we get up to Washington, he's going to join the army guard and we'll find out then when he'll be leaving for basic and whatnot. It will be very hard to be away from him, but I'm so glad we'll be home so I can have the support of my family during that time.

Now you also might have thought..."hmmm, 'big news', maybe Melinda's pregnant..." Well, you'd be RIGHT ON THAT ONE TOO!! Insane I know, first one of all our kids to be an "accident." And to think I used to roll my eyes when people said that, I so deserved that to happen didn't I?! We are due April 14th, and I'm something like 13 or so weeks along now. So stop looking at my stomach, yes I look fatter--thank you very much.

And what do these lovely people win for guessing?!

Your prize is my eternal gratitude for the amazing friends we've had, the awesome experiences and all the opportunities we've grown from. I am so grateful for the time we've gotten and even though I know its time for us to move on, I will never forget how much I've loved it here! We've had two of our three children, watched Bethany start school, had some amazing callings and really had to grow up. Thank you, thank you, thank you Utah!

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Kerrilyn said...

Holy cow girl!!! When you said you had news, you really did have news. I am so happy for you that you finally get your wish to move back to Washington. Wow, that is quick though. And a new job and a new baby.....Wow!!! Let me know if you need any help packing. I would be happy to come and lend a hand. On a sadder note, we will miss you!!!!

Ryan and Heather Bartron said...

That's it? Come on, Melinda, do you really expect us to be impressed by this?! Just kidding! Congrats and good luck with everything! Your parents must be thrilled to have both you and Kristy back! I'm jealous!

Melinda said...

Heather, you are so mean. ;) hahaha

Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

I am still in denial. I won't believe it and I refuse to help. Just kidding. I am really excited for you but still don't want it to happen for my sake.
Can't wait for the pictures of the baby and I guess I will just have to come up and see her (i'm guessing) and yes her name will be Shanna. :) Since she will be born on my birthday April 22nd. I am hoping you go over.. Just kidding. I can't believe it is happening soooo fast.

I am not kidding when I say that I will be coming over to help. You are going to love being around your family again.


Shane & Laina said...

It's's totally bitter-sweet for me. So happy for you to go back to Washington, but so sad you'll be so far away. I too, am willing to help whenever and however. Bring the kidlets by or I can come help pack. We'll miss you soooo much!
Oh and congrats on the baby too (he he he)!!!

Pogue Fam said...

YAY! I can be excited now :) I am so stoked about you coming up here by the way, I already have some things planned for us hehe :D And I'm starting to look fatter too, if that makes you feel any better. But I don't look pregnant, just fat. I hate the in between stage.

Pattie said...

There has to be something else, right? Our family wishes your family lots of happiness in Washington. My six year old wishes your six year old could stay behind and live with us.

Delee said...

I'm so excited for you to move here! Let us know the minute you get here. Or maybe just sometime that week. :)
I must admitt I already knew about the other news... family circle and all. But, I wanted to tell you how happy I am for you! I didn't know your due date. That was news to me! Where will you be living up here???