Monday, May 17, 2010

My Big Boy!

It was Sam's second birthday yesterday! My little boy is not so little anymore, I can't believe how big he's gotten! I was a really horrible mom this weekend and didn't take ANY pictures! :( We had a party with David's family on Saturday, and I know some of Dave's sisters took pictures, maybe they'll send me some! And we had a party with my family on Sunday and I think there were some pictures taken then as well, so hopefully I can round some up! Sam was so funny at both the parties, the whole present thing he's not sure of yet, so it was a lot of fun to watch him open presents. He would open one present, get totally caught up in it, want to open it, sit and play with it, but didn't want to open any more presents. We'd have to distract him and start opening another present, and then he'd want to play with that one. Etc, etc. And all the clothes got thrown to the side, haha! Actually he really likes clothes, so he came back to them at home and was pretty excited about those too. He got lots and lots of fun toys and books and clothes, it was a lot of fun! I was going to get cupcakes from Costco, but when we got there they didn't have any cupcakes left, and then Sam spotted THE CAKE. It was a chocolate and mousse-y and had a big DINOSAUR on the top. He HAD to have it! So we got the dinosaur cake and he was very excited about that too!

Some things about Sam:

~Sam talks really well, and its super cute. He always walks in a room and says, "Hi mom." or "Hi grandma." or "Hi Kristie." or whoever he's saying hi to, you get the point. He's also been saying "Oohhh, DANG!" when something falls or something goes wrong. Too bad I can't blame Dave for that since he's not here!

~Sam loves trucks and dinosaurs and trains. He carries his trains around with him all the time, and he has these two little motorcycles he loves to carry everywhere too. Anything that has to do with automobiles or animals, he loves it.

~Sam loves to give kisses. Especially to Kimball, but he gives me lots of kisses too. He'll tell you where he's going to kiss and then kiss you. "I kiss cheek." *kiss* "I kiss nose." *kiss* Its a fun game. :)

~Sam loves to eat. He also loves to snack. He would bring me a bag of fruitsnacks every ten minutes if I would let him. He was so excited about his dinosaur cake, he licked the plate after and then tried to eat Maddie's.

~Sam loves to pick on Maddie. He's a rough housing boy, and he can get rough with anyone at times, but if Maddie's around--he is going to sit on her, or pull on her or bother her. Gotta love sibling relationships huh? On the flip side, I've been really pleasantly surprised with how good he is with Kimball. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't leave them alone in a room together, but supervised, he does awesome! :)

I love Sam so much, he makes me so happy! Although at times he can make me crazy, he for the most part is such a fun kid! I know people call it the "terrible two's", but I love two year olds, they are so much fun! I'm so grateful to be the mom of this awesome little boy!

(I love this video, we made it to send to Dave and I love to watch it!)

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kristie said...

hahahaha, I can't get over that video!! how did you not laugh when you were taping it? he talks even better than that now!! love you sam! ps - thanks for the "Hi Kristie" shout out:>

Shane & Laina said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!! What a sweet boy. I can totally see him picking on Maddie...poor Maddie. What cute kids. How's the mother of 4?