Friday, June 18, 2010


David's HOME!!!

When I had talked to David on Tuesday to find out when his flight was supposed to come in, he told me 11:30 at night. We were thinking, 'Dang that stinks! That is super late!' But we hadn't seen Dad in five months and we really wanted to be there at the airport when he got home, so we made plans to go up there no matter how late it was going to be. Then on Wednesday, Dave calls and tells me, he lied. And I was like WHAT?! His flight was really supposed to get in at 9:10, and he was planning on showing up at our door to surprise us! I was NOT happy. :( I had planned in my head what it was going to be like, trying to prepare myself for when he got home. I'm not sure, but I might have passed out entirely if he'd done it! haha Well, he got worried that he couldn't make the time frame work out and if I would even be home when he got here, so he fessed up. That punk. :) So Kristie was nice enough to come with me and take a couple of pictures and keep me company on the drive up. She's always way too good to me. When we walked up to the baggage claim area, I saw a bald head and an army uniform and said "I see a bald head!!" and pointed him out to Kristie. We went back and forth for a second asking if that was him, but then he turned around and spotted us. Bethany ran right up and grabbed hold. Maddie grabbed hold of dad's leg and when Sam was ready, he very cautiously and calmly hugged dad (for a long time) and kept giving him kisses. He didn't want to let dad out of his sight (even the last day or so, whenever Dave leaves the room he starts crying and asking "where daddy go!?!"). And me? Well, I bawled like a baby. And Kimball spit up on me. :)

Its been weird and not weird the last couple days. Its hard because its so normal to have him home, but of course not normal! I'm sure we'll be used to this soon, more importantly hopefully Dave gets a job soon! :) We're so happy to have him home and just be together! Yay!

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Pogue Fam said...

Well, you made me cry :) I'm so happy he is home with you again. Can't wait to hang out :D

Shane & Laina said...

Oh, I started bawling like a baby. I'm SOOO happy for you! So glad he's home and with you and your sweet family!

Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

Those pictures are priceless. I was telling Justin how hard that would have been on me and how you were such a trooper and never really complained. Pretty amazing woman you are. So happy your hubby is home. Ahhhhh a sigh of relief.

Kerrilyn said...

AND Good Job to you!!!!
Viva families who are courageous enough to do it!!!

Kerrilyn said...

Oh girl.....I am so happy for you...your pictures made me cry! I remember that feeling all to well. Yay for your family being reunited!!! Good Job to DAVE!!!!